Monday, January 2, 2012

What's the day?

I did it again. All day I have though it was Sunday, and also that it was New year's Day. I guess I am just so happy to be out of 2011 I am celebrating an extra day. Also the Rose Parade was on today and not yesterday and football on all day and well you get the picture. then I come here to post and put my day graphic up and yes you guessed it I first put up the Sunday one, OY!!

I finally got my tree all put away. I had it still up with the lights on but today I took the lights off and put the tree back into the box. I tell you what that is a job and a half! It is an artificial tree so why is it that it seems to grow? I shoved and tucked and squished it into the box and the box is still bulging so I channel my dad and wrap duct tape around it and it comes back into my computer/craft room. I am sitting here on the computer and I keep hearing sounds coming from the box, I think the tape is letting loose, there has to be a better way to store it!

Anyway that is pretty much my day today. Be blessed!


Julia said...

I love your blog graphics's so pretty and homely (and wintery lol!) in here.


AliceMum said...

Sort of spooky that your tree is fighting you in that box!! LOL I am still enjoying our having just the tree on in the early evening and all the snowmen around it...I'll probably leave it up a couple more weeks..Love ya!