Sunday, September 7, 2014

Getting Ready...

Hello friends...fall is in the air and I am so happy!  It is suppose to be even cooler this coming week but this weekend has been in the 70's and just perfect. My hometown is getting all "dressed-up" to celebrate our annual SeptOberfest. Here are some of the decorations around town...

Every weekend there are fun things to do but I think the best part is just enjoying the decorations.  I have a scarecrow and mums for a fall display but my flowers still look so pretty I am not going to change it yet. 
I noticed I finally hit 100 followers! I am excited! I will have to get going on a giveaway...I will let you know. Thanks to all of you, my  friends...Have a great week!

Monday, September 1, 2014

A Look Back.....Part 1

Hello there friends...the stranger is back!  Well it is Labor Day weekend and that is the unofficial end of summer. It is really hard to believe that the summer went so fast!  I am looking forward to fall though as I love decorating with all my fall things...I got the boxes out today.  I will work on it little by little.

I had a very nice and family filled summer. Right after school was out for my nephew in June my parents, sister and I all took him to South Dakota for a week.  First we stopped at a fantastic park in Sioux Falls called Falls Park, it was beautiful and lots of fun.

Then we went to a Native American school and museum in Chamberlain  SD. It was so interesting and really touched all of our hearts. 

Then it was on to the Badlands...again just beautiful and Ivan loved hiking all over them.

Dinosaur Park...

Crazy Horse

Lake Sylvan

The Needles Highway

Then of course we went to Mount Rushmore

We went through Custer State Park and saw a lot of wild life...a donkey even visited my mom...she was feeding him.

And last but not least we went to Wall Drug

It was a fantastic trip and my nephew loved that he got all of our attention...he has had a little of the middle child miseries since Isaiah was born. 
Thanks for sharing our trip with me...I know there were a lot of pictures.