Friday, August 30, 2013

Almost Over....

Hello friends! Almost over...the heat wave we have been having that is. It has been 3 and a half weeks since we have had any rain and it has been roasting! The temps have been in the upper 90's and with the humidity it has felt like between 100 and 107. It is our state fair and I was going to go but not in this heat! My poor flowers have died from the heat but that is ok because I am almost ready for mums. By Sunday we are suppose to be back into the high 70's to low 80's so yes it is almost over and I am so glad!

Tomorrow is going to be the first Friday in 6 weeks that I haven't gone and babysat Isaiah, I am going to miss him but I will get to go next Friday. I feel so blessed that I am able to do that. Since I am not babysitting I am going to go to Red Wing and try and find the Prim store that Francine was at. I will also go to the Goodwill store and maybe get lucky. It is pretty funny to me that I live 45 minutes from Red Wing and didn't know there was a prim shop there but Francine comes from Canada and finds it! LOL I am excited to see what I find.

I have also started to get out some of my fall decorations It is so fun seeing things that I had forgotten I had. There are so many neat things from you my friends that I have received in swaps (thanks Amy) or have bought from you. This is my second "prim" fall. I don't have a lot but what I have is very special. I have been moving things around so when I get things in place I will share some pictures.

Well that is about it but I do want to share with you some pictures I took on a little road trip on some backroads. This pretty doe was drinking at a pond, until I scared her away...
 A farm had this old pick-up filled with flowers and the American flag, I thought it looked so cool

An old stone barn I thought was neat
An Amish buggy up ahead...taken through my dirty windshield lol.
This is kinda hard to see but this was an Amish man plowing his garden or something.
And of course one of Isaiah...he is growing so fast!
Have a great long weekend everyone! Bring on fall!
Thanks you for visiting, you all mean so much to me!

Friday, August 16, 2013

Another Catch-Up

Hello friends~ I finally decided to write a blog post, it sure has been awhile. My life is pretty boring so I never have much to all should probably thank me! LOL

The weather here in Minnesota has been just beautiful! The daytime temps have been between 75 and 80 and God has been providing the air conditioning for the nights. It has been great sleeping weather. On some days there has been a little hint of fall in the air and that makes me so happy! Fall is the start of my favorite part of the year. I love the crisp sweatshirt weather, the colorful leaves and the shorter daylight. When I say that people think I am crazy but I just love coming home from work, putting on my primitive lights and candles and snuggle in to do some crafting, stitching or reading. Oh yes I am looking forward to fall...but not so fast....On the news it said that the heat and humidity are coming from Idaho...thanks Steph! LOL Temps in the 90's and high humidity...Booo!

Two weeks ago we had a very special weekend. The whole family got together to celebrate my mom and dad's 55th anniversary. We got a new family picture taken because the one we took 5 years ago on their 50th is short 4 people. It is kinda funny...we were talking that Jon hadn't even met Judy when we celebrated mom and dad's 50th and in that time he met her and Ian and Ivan, dated, fell in love, married and now they have Isaiah. You just never know God's plan for you! Here is the family picture...

This is my mom and dad and the four kids... I am the oldest and shortest, my sister is next and then we adopted my brother Mike and then adopted my brother Jon. I was a twin and my twin brother died when we were 5 and a half so that is why mom and dad decided to adopt.
This is  Mike and Jane and their family...Matthew, Michelle and Logan..
This is Jon, Judy and their boys  Ian, Ivan and Isaiah...
This is mom and dad and the grandkids...
And here is my buddy Isaiah. He was being very spoiled...everyone wanted to hold him and love on him, he was quite happy with all of the attention.

We all went out to eat and just enjoyed all of out time together laughing, talking and catching up. It was a great memory making time!

Well that is about all of the catching up I have for now. Enjoy the rest of your summer!