Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Tuesday Display Chain...

I am joining in on Misi's Tuesday Display Chain, it is great fun! Click under the picture to visit all of the fun blogs that participated and join in all of the fun next week!
This week Misi enlightened us how at this time of the year the squirrels are scurrying about getting ready for the season coming up. Although the squirrel is not my favorite animal I do admire their industriousness and their abilities to hoard enough to get them through the winter. Misi asked us how we get ready for the season... 
Saturday, the first day of fall. Like the little tree squirrels I too have a ritual for getting things all ready for the coming months. The first thing I do is decorate my apartment both inside and outside. Here are some pictures. First of my outside which most of you have seen already.

Then there is the inside of my apartment. I have just started with the prim decorating so bear with me. 

I also get out my warmer quilts and blankets to help with keeping the heating bills a little under control.  I keep it pretty chilly so my favorite quilt goes on the back of my sofa within easy reach while reading or watching TV. My SIL made me this quilt so it is very special to me and nice and warm.
My bed gets a new covering and also gets nice warm flannel sheets on it...yes more bears, they are nice quiet room mates! LOL
I also get out my favorite fall/winter scents of candles. I think I need to buy more because I burn a lot through these long months. I have cinnamon sticks and pumpkin pie spice. I just love the spicy smells on the chilly days and nights. 
Well that is about it for me. I have 20 minutes left of Tuesday so I better get this linked up. Thanks Misi for this fun thing to participate in.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Pinned It Made It Monday

Today I am again joining Tammy's  Pinned it Made It Monday challenge.
I pinned these cute luminaries from http://thimbleanna.com. I thought they  were really cute.
I really didn't want the glitter or the paint on the outside so I thinned out my paint and rolled it around the inside of the jar. I then shook it, shook it and shook it some more. I turned the jars upside down on wax paper to let them dry...for two days! I then attempted to paint the faces on them...as you can tell I am no artist and it all went down hill from there.  I didn't have any cute black and orange ribbon so I put some homespun around the top. I am not sure if I will salvage these or not. Maybe I will put burlap around the top instead. Who knows. I did pin it and I did make it, just not successfully. Here are mine.

Yeah not liking them at all...good for a laugh though. Have a great week! 

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Swap Packages.

Hello everyone. I love this time of the year. It is officially fall and I am so happy! I love the cooler weather, I love decorating for fall and I love all of the holidays that come shortly after fall begins. I enjoy the leaves changing colors but this year with our drought I don't think we will have many other colors besides brown but you never know.
I joined Amy from Bumble Bee Lane in her Harvest Gathering swap. I was lucky to get two partners. My first partner was Christina form Pendleton Primitives. I have gotten to know Christina a little and think she is the nicest most creative person who is such a great mother. I was excited to be her swap partner. here is what I received from her. First of all this oh so ready to fly through the sky Halloween witch. I love her shoes!
 As you can see I got a ton more other things. Pumpkins she made with a banner to put around them, a pumpkin magnet pencil holder, a car air freshener with Raggedy Ann on it, a composition book that she decorated, tea lights a plate, a pack of stickers, a bee skemp honey pot, a tin pumpkins sign, a candle and a cure halloween notepad. I also got a mug but it didn't make it on the trip and was broke.
Thank you so much Christina! I love everything and it means so much coming from you!

My second partner was a new friend Shannon from D Family Values. She is a cute young mother with the cutest little boy named Noah. Check out her blog if you haven't yet. Anyway I got spoiled by Shannon too and here is what I got.
First off I got this beautiful fall dish towel that went right on my oven door, I was looking for one so it was perfect.
I also got this darling fall dress that I had to hang up right away too, Shannon if you made these things I am in awe of your talent.
Not done yet, here is the rest of my haul...a candle and candle holder, a pillow and also some fillings that will go around the candle in the candle holder and they smell so good.
Shannon thank you so much! I truly enjoyed being your swap partner. I am now a follower of your blog so I hope to get to know you a lot better.

To everyone else out there, doing swaps is a great way to build up your collection of primitives and also a great way to meet new people. It is just fun so if you are really going to follow through please think about joining a swap.

Have a great week! Be Blessed

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tuesday Display Chain

It's back and I am so excited! Thank you Misi for bringing this back! I am so excited to have some motivation  and also inspiration by seeing what everyone else has done.
So the theme this week was A New Appreciation. It took me awhile to come up with something but then as I was looking at my crock my mom and dad gave me for my birthday wondering what to do with it a memory crossed my mind. I remember when my mom first got the crock from her Grandma she would fill it with things around the yard and riverbank. I remember the corner it would sit and I also remember us kids throwing balls into it, brushing up against it and so on, I remember the mess it made that we had to vacuum up and also I remember thinking, "really mom, a crock of weeds?"  Well now that the crock is mine, I went out to my mom and dad's house, went to the very same back yard and riverbank and got my own weeds for my own display of fall beauty.

So I guess I have a new appreciation for my mom and her attempts of making her house our home.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Pin It, Make It, Monday

Happy new week to all of you my special blogging friends! Fall certainly came in with a vengeance today. It was cloudy, rainy, windy and chilly today. Tomorrow the high is hardly going to make it to 60 and tonight there is a chance of frost on our pumpkins.

Today I am again joining in the Pin it and make it Monday challenge put on by Tammy at Country Girl at Home .
So I have some very special people that I am giving Halloween treats to, I was looking on Pinterest to see if I could find some cute bag toppers or labels that I could make or print out, nothing really made me happy until I found this picture by Martha Stewart.
I thought it was pretty cute and I got up my courage to try it out. I went to the store and bought some lunch bags, too bad they only came in a package of 100. LOL I also bought some candy, and hunted for some sticks out in the yard.
Here is how mine turned out, all filled and ready to go.

It was pretty simple but I was busy doing other things this weekend, like attending two football games, Friday night for my nephew Ian and Sunday night for my nephew Ivan.

If you would like to join in the fun of Pin It and Make It Mondays please go check it out at Country Girl at Home. I will be back later with some pictures of my fall decorating and also some thrifty finds.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

It's Coming

Hello my friends! Thank you for taking the time out of your busy lives to come in and check out what has been happening with me. You have no idea how thankful I am for each and everyone of you!

Well it is getting closer and closer to fall. I finally found pumpkins today so even though it was raining I took a picture of my outside area for you all to see.
Looking at it now I think I need to get a few more cornstalks. I like it though and the pumpkins really brighten it all up.

My town is also getting ready for our fall celebration called Septoberfest...here are just one of the displays up so far, I will post more when more get added, enjoy.

Like I said I will have a lot more pictures to share soon. It is fun and also some prim shopping to be had!!

Have a great one everyone and thank you again for stopping by.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Pinned It, Made It, Monday!

This is the best thing about Mondays for me. I love that it encourages me to actually get some things done from Pinterest and I also love seeing other people's ideas! Please join in on the fun by going to Country Girl at Home . Tammy is a real sweetie and like I said it is a good thing about Mondays!

I had this pin on how to dry fruit to make a garland. The pin is from http://themagiconions.blogspot.com. I always thought that dried fruit looked neat and I figured it was easy enough that I could even do it so here is my process.
First of all the directions I found said to boil the fruit after slicing them...I used just apples and oranges. Here they are in their steam bath.

Then it said to blanche them in a ice bath so I did that...I actually think it was a few steps that weren't really necessary but I couldn't find an easy way to do it when I wanted to. Here they are in their ice bath...
Dried them really well on paper towels.
Then into the oven set at 150 to bake...it said for four hours but I left mine in about 6 hours, I think my oven was shocked at being used. LOL
I got them all out and used them in this bowl for a bowl filler. I also put some in a mason jar and tied homespun around the neck. My camera batteries ran out of course so I didn't get a picture of that. I like the way they turned out.
Thanks for reading and have a great Monday! 

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

My Colonial Home Blog Challenge

Hi everyone, I decided to join in the fun and make a post about how my blog got it's name and when I started blogging. I started this blog in July of 2010. I had no idea really what I was doing but it seemed kinda fun and it was before I got into my primitive loving stage. At first it was just sharing my thoughts and I didn't even have any pictures. Then I started seeing some blogs that had crafts and decorating ideas and pictures on them and joined Pinterest so I started blogging about that and then through Pinterest I found the Primitive blogs and fell in love. The name came from me trying to be creative, you all see how far that went...used my name...Cindi thought then my style was Country so used that and then Corner because of the Cinderella song in my own little corner I can be whatever I want to be. I still like some country but like I said I am also into primitive so on my header the name is Cindi's Primitive Country Corner. I looked back to my beginning posts and I can tell I am much more comfortable where I am now, in this community. I have friends, I have the same interests and I actually get comments on my posts and have followers. I am very happy in my own little corner now!

On to something else I just have to share. I was a member of a group on Facebook called Primitive Lane. It was a group where people showed pictures of their decor, shared recipes and ideas. The owner came on today and said that we as members should refrain from endorsing other magazines except the one he is affiliated with, and he has also said that people who sell things can not tell on there where they sell their things. Anyway I made the mistake of saying that in my opinion it was not a bad thing if we mentioned other publications where we got an idea from and also that people should be able to tell which selling place they got things...well I was kicked out and blocked. I was so sad. I am not a rebel or a bad person and it really hurt to be kicked out without any warning, or explanation as to why. I don't even think I lasted there for 2 months. I tried to email the owner or message him on FB but it is all blocked. I am sad. Thankfully I still have all of you to get ideas from.

Have a great day!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Pin it and Make it Monday

Hi everyone! I hope you had a great Labor day. It is September, that means FALL to me! I am so happy! Now we just need to get the weather to cooperate and looking through the week I think it will. My town is getting ready for our fall celebration Septoberfest. the cornstalks, straw bales, pumpkins and squash are starting to appear decorating the downtown and the roads into town. I am trying to find a straw bale for myself to make a display outside my apartment, we will see.

So today I decided to share something I did earlier this summer that I found on Pinterest. It was an idea to spread sunshine to someone..here is the picture
The lucky person who got my box full of sunshine was my niece Michelle. She had finished her first year of college, just moved into a new apartment, first summer away from home and just started a new job. This is what my box to her looked like.
She called me and said she liked it a lot and I felt good because I had spread a little sunshine. Check out more fun things at Tammy's blog Country Girl at Home.

Have a great day everyone! Enjoy the blessings God has given you!