Friday, March 30, 2012

Time with Chelle

I finally found some flowers that were blooming around my apartment so I just had to take a picture, aren't they just shouting SPRING? I love it! It is suppose to be really nice this weekend so I am going to get some of my garden things out of storage and get them out. I know there is no way I can plant flowers yet, they aren't even selling them anywhere yet but at least I will have some fun things out.  I am on a mission to get an old wagon wheel to put in my rock garden. I think I just might have to go on search tomorrow, we will see. I hope they aren't too expensive.

I got to spend some time with my niece today and it was oh so special. Michelle is my only niece and she is also my Goddaughter. We have always had a lot of fun when we were together and when she was growing up. My sister, Michelle and I always had "girl trips" shopping going to Libby Lu at Mall of America and a lot of other fun things. Now she is almost done with her freshman year in college and I am so proud of her! She is a good student and she stands up for what she believes. She is a good friend to people and has a very good heart. I love how we are able to share good times, laughs and have good talks. She is super special to me. Love you lots Chelle!

Well I am going to close for tonight. Have a great weekend everyone!
Be blessed!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Lucky Me!

Isn't she sweet? I won her from Kendra at Stone House Primitives. I was lucky because she did a drawing for her giveaway that I didn't win but then decided to do another drawing because she hit 100 followers. I won that second drawing. I am so excited and as you can see she is sitting pretty on my end table right now and I even gave her a few more carrots.
Kendra, I want to thank you again for the darling bunny! You so such cute work!
Nothing much else going on here, I am just trying to get better and also enjoying the beautiful weather we are being blessed with here in Minnesota. I pray you all have a great Sunday! Be blessed!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring and some decorating

Yesterday was the first day of spring and usually in Minnesota we still have snow on the ground and the mighty Mississippi River is still frozen but not this year! This is a picture of a willow tree by the river that is budding, I just love how they look! Here is another spring picture of some willow trees by the park. It is just so pretty!
I absolutely have spring fever and can't wait to start seeing the flowers bloom.

I got a really nice surprise today. My mom went to visit my Godmother and father and she brought me home some Easter decorations that my Godmother had collected and didn't want anymore. They are so cute and of course I put them out right away. here are some pictures of them, they are Dept 56.
Here they are a little closer.

I love them! I need to go and get some grass to cover the top of my desk. That is on my "to do" list for tomorrow.
I also made an Easter tree so I thought I would share that too.
I have a few more decorations that I will share later but just wanted to share my new ones from Aunt Marge, love you and thank you!

Have a great rest of the week everyone! Until next time. Be blessed.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Spring Fever

What a beautiful day today was here in Minnesota. It is march and we had a high of 72 degrees. I had my windows open and a nice breeze was getting out all of the winter funk! I sat outside for quite awhile and just enjoyed the warmth. There were a lot of people out walking and even a couple of kids across the street flying kites, that was really fun to watch. I live across the street from the old football field so it is the perfect place to fly kites.
I have been slowly decorating my house for Easter and spring today I made a wreath for my door. I saw the idea on Pinterest and think it turned out pretty well, it certainly looks springy. I might add more ribbon and maybe a little sign that says spring, but we will see.
I got a really neat surprise the other day, something that really touched my heart and I thought I would share it with all of you. I got a call from The Blossom Shop (flower shop) saying that they had a delivery for me and we set up a time for them to come. It was 10 am and they said they would be there by 1...that is a long time to wait and wonder. Well about 11:30 they showed up with this beautiful plant.
It is called Crown of Thorns plants and it is believed that it was this plant's stems were used to make Christ's crown of thorns, how neat huh? The neat thing is that it is from a past customer that I waited on at the drug store when I worked there. This note was included, it made me cry.
If you click on it it gets bigger so you can read it. I am pretty sure I know who the man is but I certainly do not remember the incident he talked about. It just made me feel really good that I touched someone's life in that way and even being away from that place for over a year he still thought enough to send it to me. I would love to show my ex boss and say "see people did like me working here." But no I will let it go and just bask in that knowledge myself.
Well tomorrow I am going to pick up my nephews. They are on spring break so they are coming to Grandpa and Grandma's for a couple of days and Aunt Cindi will get to spoil them too! Have a great rest of the week. Thanks for stopping by and please leave a comment so I know you were here!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

We are Family

Hello everyone, did you remember to spring ahead? I thought it was so early for daylight savings time to start but with the weather we have had this weekend it was nice to have an extra hour of sunlight today. I am definitely getting spring fever even though I have a horrible cold. I did go out both days and sit on my steps just enjoying the sun and warmth. I hope you were able to do the same.

I feel so blessed to have the family I do. last weekend we had out family winter get together. We have had this for 23 years. Some years there were more of us and some years there were less of us but there were always some of us and it is a great time. I think it is so special that we all get together and all enjoy each other so much. The laughing that goes on during our weekends together is unreal. We always have something to talk about, to remember and we all leave feeling how loved we are. Thank you God for giving me a family that loves each other and that enjoys being together and believes in traditions.
That is it for now. Enjoy the spring weather.