Sunday, April 7, 2013

Swap package.

Hello everyone. I feel so behind and like I am never going to catch up. I have tried visiting a couple of you today and it was great to catch up. I am still working extra hours and it is taking its toll on me. Last week was especially hard on me physically. Still hoping the girl that had surgery comes back soon.

I got a great swap package from Allison of Sew Many Girls. We were partners in Amy's Spring Tidings Swap. Allison made everything which just amazes me. I got a big bunny, some tulips on stick stems, some other flower tucks, A darling spring stitched picture,a seed bag with some flower seeds in it and some eggs and a bunny in a pail. I really thank you Allison for all of your hard work.

Now we just need to get some spring weather here! We still have piles of snow and there is also a chance of snow in the forecast for Wednesday with the highs only in the mid 30's...YUCK!

We also had a great Easter weekend. My brother Jon, his wife Judy and the boys came for the whole weekend so we got a lot of baby love. Here are a few pictures of Isaiah.

Thanks for the visit. Know that I am keeping many of you in my prayers and all of you in my heart!