Saturday, July 28, 2012

Nephew Vacation

Hello my friends! Coming home from vacation is definitely bittersweet for me. It is always a great time, especially spending time with my nephews and sister but it is nice getting home to your own bed, not having to eat out all of the time and getting back into a routine.We got home on Tuesday after being on the road for 9 and a half hours. I didn't do much that night. On Wednesday I unpacked, did laundry, went grocery shopping and fun stuff like that. Thursday I worked all day and then yesterday my sister and I took a little shopping trip. I don't think I am totally recuperated but I did have time to visit your blogs, I really missed that while I was gone.
I was totally excited when I got back and read an email that said I had won one of Brenda's birthday giveaways. I won the Santa pocket. These will be the first holiday that I decorate in prim so I have nothing, this will be a good start on Christmas! I also ordered some of her candy corn and pumpkins so now I will have a start on fall things too,  Thanks Brenda!

OK now onto my mini vacation. It might get boring so you can stop reading here! LOL As I said it was a nephew sister and I took my 3 youngest nephews ages 14, 13 and 9 to Kansas City and then onto St. Louis. We are big baseball fans so we go to KC to see the Minnesota Twins play the Kansas City Royals. It was really interesting traveling and staying in the same room with 3 boys, especially the 2 teenagers! All of the boys had some of their own spending money. My youngest nephew though it was great to have his own money. At the first stop we made, only 2 hours into the trip he came walking up to the register with a Red Bull energy drink. I know for a fact he has never had one before but I am sure he must have seen it on TV. Being the mean Auntie I am I said no he couldn't get it, I mean just what we would need for another 6 hours in the car, him with Red Bull in his system! LOL

This is a picture of us all ready on Friday night at the ballpark, as you can tell we are all Twins fans. Yes Ivan's hair is blue for the Twins! LOL
The weather was pretty good that night only about 95 and a nice breeze. The highlight is we got there early enough that the boys could go down close to the field and one of the players threw a ball to my youngest nephew, he was pretty happy about that.
The next day we took the boys to Arthur Bryants. They all love ribs and this is one of the best places to get them. Here they are enjoying the food.

Saturday night we went to a game also but it was about 102 and the Twins were losing so we left after the 7th inning. They had won on Friday night!
Sunday we got up and headed to St. Louis. The back seat was full of fun and sleeping. Thank goodness they had a dvd player and could watch movies.
When we got to St. Louis we had some swimming and pool time, went out for supper and then just spent the night in the room.

On Monday we went to the Gateway Arch. What an awesome experience that was. We all enjoyed it a lot although riding to the top kinda freaked me out which my enjoyed so much, telling me we were going to crash and fun things like that! It was really hot that day, 102 waiting in line.
It was neat though, a really beautiful sight and the westward expansion museum inside was very cool.
Here is the baseball stadium from the top of the Arch. My sister and the boys went to the game that night but it got up to 194 and I got overheated so I stayed in the hotel room, good decision on my part.
Then on Tuesday we headed home. Lots of sleeping that day, even Mr Red Bull himself sleeping on his big brother.
Well there you have it. It was a great time. The only bad thing is that my nephew Logan was coughing a lot so when he got home they took him to the doctor and he tested positive for whooping cough. He is fine but we all had to get shots and are on antibiotics, thanks for sharing Logan! LOL
Well that is it..thanks for reading. have a great rest of your weekend.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wonderful Wednesday...

Oh it was a great day today. I am so excited to say that I am getting ready to go on a trip. My sister and I are taking my 3 youngest nephews to Kansas City and St. Louis. The boys are 13, 12 and 9. We are going to KC to see the Minnesota Twins play the KC Royals and then in St. Louis we are going to the Gateway Arch and Museum. I am very excited and hope that we all have a good time. I have to work tomorrow so today was my day to get the laundry done and figure out which clothes I will be taking. I will pack tomorrow after work. I also have to go and pick up two of my nephews, Ian and Ivan.
The other day I went to GW and found a couple of things I thought I would share...I got this cute picture and frame for a dollar,

And also this wire candle holder. The only thing is that I have to find really thin tapers because the regular tapers I had didn't fit into this, any ideas?
Oh geesh don't you just love that my remote is there too? LOL

So as you know I have just started with my prim decorating. I do a lot of looking around, drooling and dreaming. Do you all have a wish list? Right now there are three things that I am hoping to get by the end of summer. One is a shelf from Firecracker Kid's shop! I just love all of the creations they have there. The second thing I would love is a prairie bonnet. I just love how they look hanging on a peg. and the last thing for this summer is a cute prairie doll. There are many many more things on my list, especially  holiday items to decorate for fall and Christmas with but hopefully I will be able to do some swaps for some of those things.

Well I hope I don't get too far behind when I am gone, I might just have to sneak in some computer time if I can. Have a great weekend everyone! Be blessed in all you do.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Thank yous and a weekend update

Happy Monday to everyone. I am so blessed to have gotten to know so many of you in the Prim blogging circle. I want to thank you all for accepting me even thought this really isn't a primitive blog. I really just starting decorating in Primitive this year. I love looking at all of your pictures and seeing all of the things you have done with your houses and all of the awesome things you create. I am not a very creative person so I am not able to make a lot of things on my own so I thank all of you that sell what you make so I am able to have some neat things around my apartment. I love how the community does swaps and I also love how you have such awesome giveaways. The best part that I like is that everyone is so nice, kind and supportive. Thank you again to everyone that comes to my blog and leaves comments and to everyone who shares in other ways. Blessings to all of you!

Yesterday was a very special day. My brother's adopted sons, my very special nephews were baptized. My mom, dad, sister and I  went and were a part of the celebration. We were a little worried because it was outside at a beach and it was in the mid 90's but we thankfully got there early enough to be able to put our chairs in the shade and it wasn't as bad as we thought it might be.
Here are my nephews Ivan and Ian
The saying on the back of their tee shirts which I though was so neat.
Going into the water...

They are baptized! Congrats!!
A family picture of those who were there.
It was a very special day indeed. Thank you for letting me share with you all.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Painting and tweaking...

Hello all of my blog friends! I hope this finds you all enjoying your days, having a great week and looking forward to a weekend full of special blessings.
On some of these nice low humidity days I decided to get out my black spray paint and change up some of my shelves. I also got some great candles from Christina and her daughter at Pendleton Primitives made me and I bought a candle box from Sara's blog sale she was having at Salmon Falls Prims. Here is a picture of the candle box with the candles and things in it.
I am not 100% happy with it but I do love the candles and the tuck just need to shop for some more things.
Here is the other grubby candle that I got from Christina, I just love them so so much!
Here is one of the shelves I painted, I still need to buy some homespun to put over the hearts. Gee wonder where i got that idea? LOL Thanks Michelle at Simple Pleasures.
Oh my scale looks really great in this picture! Tee heee heee.
This is one more shelf I painted black, I also did some tweaking with some new things I have gotten. I just can't put away my Willow Tree angles although I know they are not totally prim.
My dad found this shelf in the basement and cleaned it all up for me because he said he knew I would want it. I am not going to paint this one because the wood is pretty dark and also because dad worked so hard to get it cleaned up for me, thanks Dad!
Well that is about it for the "painting tour". Hope you all enjoyed it. Thanks again to all of you creative ladies that share your ideas, talents and wares with us. You are all so special.

Have a great rest of the week ladies and as always, BE BLESSED!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Independence Day

Happy 4th of July everyone! I hope you are all enjoying the day, keeping cool and being thankful for your freedoms.
I remember when I was younger my town used to have a parade that we always went to and then there was a community wide picnic with free hot dogs and then the fireworks at night. These days all we have are the fireworks. I am very lucky because I am right across the street and a ballfield from where they shoot them off so I can watch them from my front stoop or my front window. I will be doing that tonight. I was out about 1pm today and the temp on the bank clock read 105...too hot to do much of anything outside.
Again I wish you all a happy 4th of July!

Family reunion and swap goodies...

Hello friends. Can you believe that tomorrow is the 4th of July already? It is hard to believe that the summer is going by so fast. It sure feels like summer. It has been very hot and dry for about a week and a half. Yesterday was 99 and tomorrow and Thursday we are suppose to get 100 with even more humidity. I really do not do well in this weather so haven't really been out in it a lot.
On Friday I went to Milwaukee for a family reunion. My two nephews rode with my sister and I and it was a pretty long trip for the 9 year old. He had bought some things at the Dollar Store and one activity that kept him pretty busy was balloon making, here is what he made his brother Ian and I.

We made quite a few stops also and I took these pictures at a rest area, I love flowers.

When we got there we all had a cookout at my Aunt and uncle's house. It was such good food and even better company. We all got caught up and I got some loving from the newest member of the family Liam, my cousin's baby.

On Saturday we were going to go to the zoo but it was too hot so we went to Discovery world, lots of fun there! Saturday night we went to the Brewers game. Actually pretty nice, in the shade and a nice breeze. My BFF Georgie and my nephews by the awesome jellyfish.
 My youngest nephew Ivan talking with his hero my oldest nephew Matthew.
On Sunday we celebrated my uncle's 80th birthday, here is Uncle Al with his beer stein he got.

The four of us who got the "wear black and white" memo, my cousin Heidi Ann, Me My mom and cousin Laura.
The oldest and youngest of the Luddy Buddy cousins, me and Laura.
It was a great weekend being with family. I can't wait until March when we are all together again. 

When I got home Sunday night there was a package waiting on my doorstep. Even though I was pretty tired I tore into it and found so many fun things that Dorothy from Paws for Stitching. I got a watermelon with a cute rusty star on it, love it! I got the neat flower tucks, I got the awesome towel which went in my kitchen right after I took this picture. and a beautiful quilted candle mat. That's not all. I also got the cute wooden Americanna heart and the flag. Thank you so much Dorthy!