Saturday, September 10, 2016

Where I have been....

Hello blogging has been so long since I have been here. It seems pretty appropriate that I last had a post in April because on April 19th life in my family truly changed. My sister was in the hospital for some tests that we thought were related to her MS. On the 19th my mom, dad and I went to see her in the hospital and the neurology team came in with the news that she had a brain tumor. Not only a tumor but a stage 4 glioblastoma tumor which is fatal. She was given the options and she chose to have surgery, radiation and chemo. With this option she was given 12-18 months. Wow what a blow. It hurt so bad. She got out of the hospital and went home to my mom and dad's house. That weekend the whole family came to offer support, to cry together and to laugh together and it was great. On the 29th she had surgery, recovered, had 6 weeks of radiation and chemo, had some time off and now has started on another round of chemo.

It has really changed a lot in my life. I was always the one with health problems. 5 years ago I was in the hospital for 7 months, in a coma and had to learn to walk again and get to where I could be independent. Through a lot of hard work I made it back to where I could live alone but I am still disabled. My sister was always there for me. She was the strong one, she was the one I could turn to for help, she was there to help me through so many obstacles.

Now the tables have turned. She is very unstable and the site in her left eye is very bad because of where the tumor was. She cannot drive and she still has not moved home. My mom and dad are both 80 years old and although they are in good health this has taken a toll on them too. I try to be there for all of them. For for 4 and a half months I was there almost every day. I have cut it down a bit now but I still go out for a few hours every other day.

I think the hardest thing is knowing that it isn't IF the tumor will come back but isn't trying to cure her cancer but giving her the best quality of life we can.

All prayers and good thoughts are appreciated. I just needed to et you all know what was going on.

Be blessed and hug those you love everyday and tell them you love them.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Spring Swap

Hello it springlike where are? Here in Minnesota we are still holding onto winterlike weather but "they" said by the end of this week it should feel like spring...I can't wait. I just need some nice warm sunny days that I can open the windows and get outside.

OK now on to the important things. I took part in Amy's (Bumblebee Lane) Spring Tidings swap. I was paired with the VERY talented Sandi (The Primitive Skate). My camera isn't working the best so the picture isn't that great but here is what I received:
A darling no face primitive doll dressed in a darling dress. I got a neat primitive towel, seeds, a hanging spring sign, a bee skemp welcome sign painted on an old album and oh so cute primitive eggs.

Thank you so much Sandi and thanks Amy for another great swap!

Think spring may get here someday!

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Where does the time go???

Wow it has been so long since I have done a know sometimes life just gets in the way and then even though I am busy it doesn't seem like I have anything to write about. I have been busy babysitting my nephew. He turned three on Feb 18th. I am amazed at how much their little brains learn in such a short amount of time. A couple of Isaiah's birthday. I love how he is keeping his eyes on big brother Ivan lighting the candles...actually waiting to blow them out I think!

 Big brother Ian got home from his speech competition...he looked so nice!
We had a small Easter celebration but thanks to my sister and my mom the table was full of many good things.
Isaiah's favorite gifts were his bunny ears which he is still wearing now and then and his new color book and crayons.

I think that is all I have to share right now. Hopefully I will be able to get here a bit more regular but I am not making any promises! Happy spring to everyone...hopefully it will start feeling like it in Minnesota soon!


Sunday, February 14, 2016

A thank you and some love

Happy Valentine's Day to all of you my dear blogging friends! I pray that your day was filled with loads of love! Valentine's Day is pretty low key for me. I did get a beautiful plant from my parents and I did a little decorating that I thought I would share.

I was very blessed to receive a little package in the mail this week. It was from Angela from Thru Nana's Window. She had made a post showing the dishclothes that she crocheted. I told her how they remind me of my godmother. She used to make them all of the time but now she has alzheimers and I sadly don't have any. Well sweet Angela sent two of them to me. I will use one because they are great dishclothes and I don't have a dishwasher but the other I will keep to remind me of my dear sweet godmother. 
Thank you so very much Angela. You have no idea how special this was to me. I love the wraps too. I am just amazed how wonderful the blogging community is that someone would actually do this for me warms my heart. I really do not have friends in the "outside" world so to have someone do something nice like this for me means so much! That made my love cup full to the brim! Thanks again Angela!

Talk to all of you soon!

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Word for 2016

 That is going to be my one little word I am going to be working on throughout this year. I am mainly focusing on the 2nd definition...have faith...I am going to work on my faith every day. I am going to walk closer to my God and learn more about Him. I am going to learn to trust more in my faith.
Confidence...this is a hard one for me, I need to be more confident in who I am, what I can do and who I can become. I need confidence to make changes and try new things.Oh yes confidence is a biggie

And then to have trust. I need to trust in myself, I need to trust in the process and I need more trust in my God. I need to trust that failure is ok but not trying is not. I need to trust that I CAN!

 It is a lot to work on and it will take me more than this year but it is a start and that is the first step.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

One Last Look....

Happy New Year to you! It is hard to believe that another year has gone by...they go so fast! I haven't had time yet to think about my word for this year but that is one thing I will be doing this weekend.

Another thing I am doing this weekend is putting away all of my Christmas things. I forgot to share what I had put out so I thought I would do that before everything got boxed up again for another 11 months.

I will leave out my snowmen and winter things and I love that...I really enjoy my tree so much and am the saddest to see it go.

Have a great 2016 everyone and may it be filled with much love and many blessings!

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Christmas Memories

Hello my new blogging friends! I am so happy that you stopped by for a visit, please leave a comment and let me know you were here.

I am sitting t my computer looking out the window at a nice heavy snow is coming down. It is just beautiful. I am a lover of snow! I think it is so pretty and makes everything look better. I love how it clings to the trees and covers the brown dead ground. My feeling is this...if it is going to be cold we may as well have the snow to go with it.

We had just barely a covering for Christmas but this is making up for it. Speaking of Christmas it was a great time. My SIL Judy had to work on Christmas eve so Jon brought the boys and we just visited and reminisced of Christmas' from our youth. The memory we all had and shared the most were of Christmas Eves when we would all get into the car and travel a half an hour to my Grandparent's house. We would celebrate with my Grandparents and my dad's brother and his family. There were 7 kids and 6 adults in a pretty small house. We would have a little supper first, then take family pictures and then finally get to open our presents. The thing my brother, sister and I remember the most though was the ride back home. We always got to see Christmas lights, we would sing Christmas carols and we would always look for Santa's sleigh in the sky. Funny how those little things make the biggest impression.

On Christmas day everyone was at my mom and dad's except for my oldest nephew who is in Arizona. I have to be honest and say that Isaiah was the main attraction. He loved tearing the wrapping paper off and he was very excited about the new things he got.

 Stacking and restacking the drinking cups for Grandma.
 Ian and Logan...both 17 and full of trouble! LOL
Isaiah wanted to play with everything he opened right the blocks from me.
 Michelle reading Iasiahhis new book.
 More block play later that night.
Redecorating Grandma's tree.
 Logan helping with a puzzle
 Saying good bye to my buddy!

It was a great time and many memories were made. I do hope you all made great memories with your families and that you all keep them in your hearts!