Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Independence Day

Happy 4th of July everyone! I hope you are all enjoying the day, keeping cool and being thankful for your freedoms.
I remember when I was younger my town used to have a parade that we always went to and then there was a community wide picnic with free hot dogs and then the fireworks at night. These days all we have are the fireworks. I am very lucky because I am right across the street and a ballfield from where they shoot them off so I can watch them from my front stoop or my front window. I will be doing that tonight. I was out about 1pm today and the temp on the bank clock read 105...too hot to do much of anything outside.
Again I wish you all a happy 4th of July!


Angela said...

Hi Cindi, Happy 4th to you also. Our town still does the parade, but since Holly is grown and married and has a little one of her own, Mr. P and I don't go. She lives down the street from the high school and that is where there is a big concert and then fireworks tonight. Lucky for us we can see them from her lawn. So,, it has become a tradition that they host an evening at their home. She has finger food and all the friends and family bring a bag supper of their choice. So much fun, but I hate to admit it, I am dreading the heat this year. Take care and enjoy your evening.

Primitive Stars said...

Hi Cindi, sounds like those days were a hoot!!! Have fun tonight watching the fireworks, I love watching them, so pretty. That is some hot out there, whee, keep cool, Hugs Francine.

The Gingerbread Gem said...

Hi Cindi, I found your blog through Steph from Front Porch Primitives. She wrote a very nice post about you :-).


cynthia lee designs said...

It was hot here too and we didn't go see fireworks because of the heat...but we sure had fun with the grandkids. How fun to be able to see fireworks from your window