Sunday, March 11, 2012

We are Family

Hello everyone, did you remember to spring ahead? I thought it was so early for daylight savings time to start but with the weather we have had this weekend it was nice to have an extra hour of sunlight today. I am definitely getting spring fever even though I have a horrible cold. I did go out both days and sit on my steps just enjoying the sun and warmth. I hope you were able to do the same.

I feel so blessed to have the family I do. last weekend we had out family winter get together. We have had this for 23 years. Some years there were more of us and some years there were less of us but there were always some of us and it is a great time. I think it is so special that we all get together and all enjoy each other so much. The laughing that goes on during our weekends together is unreal. We always have something to talk about, to remember and we all leave feeling how loved we are. Thank you God for giving me a family that loves each other and that enjoys being together and believes in traditions.
That is it for now. Enjoy the spring weather.


Donna said...

One thing I appreciate about Charley's family is how they always have a gathering the day after Christmas, then another in January/February, then a summer reunion in August. He said that all the cousins use to play together every Sunday when they would gather at his grandparents for a big meal. Family gatherings are definitely a blessing.

BumbleBeeLane said...

We all always gather at grandma's old farmhouse on sundays.Some make it some don't,but there are always plenty to chat with and remember the fun times.I feel blessed that grandma is still alive and healthy.Warm Blessings!~Amy