Tuesday, September 4, 2012

My Colonial Home Blog Challenge

Hi everyone, I decided to join in the fun and make a post about how my blog got it's name and when I started blogging. I started this blog in July of 2010. I had no idea really what I was doing but it seemed kinda fun and it was before I got into my primitive loving stage. At first it was just sharing my thoughts and I didn't even have any pictures. Then I started seeing some blogs that had crafts and decorating ideas and pictures on them and joined Pinterest so I started blogging about that and then through Pinterest I found the Primitive blogs and fell in love. The name came from me trying to be creative, you all see how far that went...used my name...Cindi thought then my style was Country so used that and then Corner because of the Cinderella song in my own little corner I can be whatever I want to be. I still like some country but like I said I am also into primitive so on my header the name is Cindi's Primitive Country Corner. I looked back to my beginning posts and I can tell I am much more comfortable where I am now, in this community. I have friends, I have the same interests and I actually get comments on my posts and have followers. I am very happy in my own little corner now!

On to something else I just have to share. I was a member of a group on Facebook called Primitive Lane. It was a group where people showed pictures of their decor, shared recipes and ideas. The owner came on today and said that we as members should refrain from endorsing other magazines except the one he is affiliated with, and he has also said that people who sell things can not tell on there where they sell their things. Anyway I made the mistake of saying that in my opinion it was not a bad thing if we mentioned other publications where we got an idea from and also that people should be able to tell which selling place they got things...well I was kicked out and blocked. I was so sad. I am not a rebel or a bad person and it really hurt to be kicked out without any warning, or explanation as to why. I don't even think I lasted there for 2 months. I tried to email the owner or message him on FB but it is all blocked. I am sad. Thankfully I still have all of you to get ideas from.

Have a great day!


Christine said...

It's fun finding out how we got into blogging and choosing a name. And even better getting to know you, too, Cindi!
Thanks for sharing!

BumbleBeeLane said...

Cindi~ I'm glad to have gotten to know you through blogging.You have a kind soul.About the facebook do you really need to be a part of something that turns it's back for being yourself or having a opinion? I know most of the world is on facebook but I don't like the drama so stay away.Warm Blessings!~Amy

Primitive Stars said...

Hello Cindi, great story on how your blog name came about, such fun hearing everyones story. Thats terrible that you were kicked out for voiceing your thoughts, not very nice of them. We like you in blogging land, always here for you. Blessings Francine.

Lori @ applegrovetreasures said...

Hi Cindi, great to hear your blog name story! As far as the facebook incident, I think you were right, it's polite to give credit where credit is due. I personally am not a member of facebook but I wouldn't sweat it, you are probably better off:)

Heather said...

Hi, Cindi!
It is a privilege to call you a friend! You are a kind spirit! I appreciate your encouragement to me!

As far as the other matter, you did the right thing. I agree with the others, give credit where credit is due. However, if this is not his philosophy, then that is not the place for a kind-hearted creative person as yourself. I know it isn't a good feeling, I have been there in teaching when I have to confront parents about their children, but you did the right thing. I love you and will never block you!!!! :)


Pendleton Primitives said...

hahaha, Cindi, you're such a bad seed telling people they can think for themselves! Lol, what a jerk. You don't need that group, you have US and your stuck with US. This is so funny, what a jerk that person was to kick you off for your suggestion. Anyhow, I'm so glad to have met you here and I promise not to block you :)

Karen said...
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Karen said...

Hi Cindy,
THANK YOU FOR JOINING MY CHALLENGE...and I invite others to join in..it's fun getting to know each other and learn from them. So come on over to my blog and sign up. There's a winning prize in it too, to be drawn on Sept. 28th.

I'm so sorry you were blocked from the FB page/person - everyone has opinions and you should have been able to voice yours...


Farmhouse prims said...

So nice to meet you Cindi, sounds like we both started blogging for the same reasons, so glad we did!!! It is wonderful to hear how you got your start, aren't blogging friends the best. hugs, Lecia