Friday, August 30, 2013

Almost Over....

Hello friends! Almost over...the heat wave we have been having that is. It has been 3 and a half weeks since we have had any rain and it has been roasting! The temps have been in the upper 90's and with the humidity it has felt like between 100 and 107. It is our state fair and I was going to go but not in this heat! My poor flowers have died from the heat but that is ok because I am almost ready for mums. By Sunday we are suppose to be back into the high 70's to low 80's so yes it is almost over and I am so glad!

Tomorrow is going to be the first Friday in 6 weeks that I haven't gone and babysat Isaiah, I am going to miss him but I will get to go next Friday. I feel so blessed that I am able to do that. Since I am not babysitting I am going to go to Red Wing and try and find the Prim store that Francine was at. I will also go to the Goodwill store and maybe get lucky. It is pretty funny to me that I live 45 minutes from Red Wing and didn't know there was a prim shop there but Francine comes from Canada and finds it! LOL I am excited to see what I find.

I have also started to get out some of my fall decorations It is so fun seeing things that I had forgotten I had. There are so many neat things from you my friends that I have received in swaps (thanks Amy) or have bought from you. This is my second "prim" fall. I don't have a lot but what I have is very special. I have been moving things around so when I get things in place I will share some pictures.

Well that is about it but I do want to share with you some pictures I took on a little road trip on some backroads. This pretty doe was drinking at a pond, until I scared her away...
 A farm had this old pick-up filled with flowers and the American flag, I thought it looked so cool

An old stone barn I thought was neat
An Amish buggy up ahead...taken through my dirty windshield lol.
This is kinda hard to see but this was an Amish man plowing his garden or something.
And of course one of Isaiah...he is growing so fast!
Have a great long weekend everyone! Bring on fall!
Thanks you for visiting, you all mean so much to me!


Christine said...

Hi Cindi! Really glad for you to see so much of Isaiah! He's such a happy lil guy so loveable!
Wish I could go on that trip with you for the sights and of course prim shopping!

bettyj said...

I have decorated inside for fall. Will do outside next. Love fall! Isaiah is a doll. No wonder you enjoy baby sitting him. They light up our lives don't they?
Ha ve a great weekend. Glad it will be cooler for you. Can't wait to see your fall.

Simple Pleasures said...

Hi Cindi,
I'm looking forward to fall as well. Yes they said starting Monday we will have some nice weather, I'm very tired of this heat and humidity. I'm having fun crafting for you for the swap, it makes me feel much cooler. lol Have a great weekend.

jody said...

So weird that Francine comes and finds these cool places! I went to nursing school in farbault many years ago and spent time in redwing ..been years tho, beautiful area!!have fun on you excursion! This is the first yr that my dad hasnt gone to the fair in like 60 yrs . He retired from the poultry dept. last year. We r all thankful since its been sooo hot! Enjoy your weekend!

Donna said...

We have our fair this week, too ... I think some people envied my "shade" :) I always take an umbrella with me now ... I think I better get a bigger one as I tend to draw a crowd that likes to hover nearby when I put it up. ;) I'm ready for cooler fall temps, too ... and lots of landscaping ahead of us. I love the colors on your blog. :)

Raggedy Creations said...

It has been warm and humid here too but not as bad as you all are having it. Happy for you its almost over.

Fall is soon here, then winter. Farmers almanac say bitterly cold and snowy.


Danice said...

Hi Cindi. beautiful photos of the countryside, and of darling Isaiah. I have already begun Autumn decorating also :)

Susan said...

Hi Cindi, I am enjoying my visit here today. Judy is my friend and we have met a few times. I am so ready for fall, but it really does not get here until Oct being that I live in So CA. Isaiah is so cute! I love the prim look too. I think I am going to bring out a few scarecrows. Have a nice week

Karen said...

Hi Cindi,
I have never been to Red Wing - I hope you have found the prim shop by now as I'm really late visiting here.
Your pictures are really lovely - I like the truck one a lot.
I'm so ready for fall - my mind was going crazy today thinking of the things I want to put out and how to put it out.
Little Isaiah is adorable and growing so big!

Judy said...

Hi Cindi! I was so happy to see your comment at my SWD. I hadn't blogged in 9 months, I believe. Loved my visit here today, & so enjoyed the pics. The pick-up truck was so neat! Baby Isaiah is so cute! I am ready for fall too, but it won't be arriving here in Vegas till October or later. That's what I get for living in a desert. :) Please email me some time. Miss you so much! Hugs