Thursday, January 12, 2012


"Regret can be an appalling waste of energy--you can't build on it. So acknowledge your sin, accept God's forgiveness, & get on with living for His honor & glory."

" There's an all-seeing Eye watching you--but He's loving, gentle, tender, forgiving and waiting with open arms."

 " Every day of the past is beyond our reach & we should leave it there."

Well as you can tell I am having a little struggle with God's forgiveness. I have sinned and I know that and I feel so bad about it. I want to believe that I am forgiven and that it is ok but I am having a hard time with that. I know if someone found out what I did they would be hurt and that hurts me. I am so weak Lord. I am so sorry Lord. I want to be a better person but it is so hard. 

I think that I need to forgive myself, I need to let it go, I need to move on. I know all of this and I am praying for the strength to do this. I feel so guilty and sad so I just bury it but it comes out and into my head more than I want it to. I am babbling but it is just something that has been on and in my heart and mind. 

Lord please forgive me of my sin, I am humbled before you and filled with regret. Please help me let go of my sin, forgive myself and help me to sin no more. In love, Amen.


Katy said...

There is no condemnation, to those who are in Y'shua <3 Be free in this new day. Embrace His forgiveness. His mercies are new each mornings...isn't that amazing...that we are given do~overs every 24 hours :)

Donna said...

Love the way that Katy put it. His mercy and grace is so amazing. We are hardest on ourselves when it comes to forgiveness. Rest in His grace, you are His beloved child.