Thursday, January 5, 2012

Good evening everyone! I am hoping to get this posted while it is still Thursday but you never know. It is Thursday right now so if the date says Friday and I have the Thursday graphic up it is because I got distracted (Me? Distracted? Never!)

It was a beautiful day in Minnesota today. The sun was shining brightly and believe it or not the high was 48 degrees. It is hard to believe it was so warm. I went to Walmart and out to lunch with my parents and it was so nice and great spending time with them too.

Tomorrow I have Physical Therapy, then I go to work out and then I have to run some errands. I have a goal of organizing my life as much as I can this year and I have started with my computer. I am trying to get rid of all of the music, pictures and files I will never use or that I have stored somewhere else. i really need to get an external memory thingy  (I am such a techie) to put all of my photographs on because they are all on here and nowhere else.I will hopefully be able to do that when I get some extra money (I have to wait that long?)  I have my file box organized and have given a lot of boxes to Goodwill from my closet so now I am working on my computer and craft things, should take quite awhile!

Beautiful days like today make me so thankful to be alive and just to remind me how great HE is I was given this view tonight. Thank you Lord! Be blessed and talk soon!

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Julia said...

What a beautiful sunset, Cindi!

I need to relieve my computer of some pics/files too...It is choc-a-block hehe...