Thursday, January 12, 2012

Just thought I would share with you what I did today. First I went to this really cool site called and I made a word heart. You can put in your own words so I put in my family names and words to describe our family, you can also make it any shape but I like the heart.

I then just taped it onto scrapbook paper with double stick tape and framed it in one of my dollar store frames. I have decided I am going to paint the frame black though.

Next I made a twine heart. I got some candy canes for half off and started twisting the twin around using hot glue along the way the canes until they were both done.

I then hot glued them together and put on a ribbon and tah dah a heart.

Well there are my crafts for today. Have a great one everyone!


Katy said...

So cute Cindi. I tried the word thing...very confusing. I could not figure it out lol Good job!

AliceMum said...

Love them Cindi..I seen them on FIC 'after' I told you to share pictures!! LOL

Donna said...

Lovely! you are so creative and talented ... I can't get my fingers to work well with crafts anymore. :(

Stephanie said...

Cindi- who knew you were so crafty? Very nice!!!

Julia said...

Love the word heart to check out that link. Have a great day!