Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Happy Tuesday. I had weight Watchers tonight and even after spending the weekend at my brother and SIL's I still lost 1.8 pounds. I am so proud of what I am doing, I am proud I am still doing it. It is a battle, day by day and sometimes minute by minute but so far so good. I really need to start writing in my piece by piece blog but for some reason I am a little apprehensive about that, who knows.

So I had a great weekend. I worked out on Friday and then I left right from there and went to the Twin Cities. I was going to stop at a Goodwill store on the way up there but I missed the turnoff and by the time I would be able to turn around I just decided to forget about it so when I got there I was early. I went into the garage, thankfully I know the keyless entry code and let myself into the house. I didn't see the Jeep or truck there so I figured no one was home but I heard noise when I walked in so I yelled "hello" and then I heard from Ivan, my 9 year old nephew "Cindi is that really you?" I laughed and said yes. Cluck cluck cluck, down the stairs he ran and gave me a great big hug, "I am so excited you are here." OK that made the trip well worth it and I could turn around and go home right then and be satisfied but I stayed. So anyway Ivan and I watched a movie that he was watching when I got there and it was so good I forgot the name, lol. Then Judy came home so I went and talked to her and then Jon and Ian came home. Judy and I made supper and then we all sat down to eat and visit and laugh. After that we watched the movie Courageous. It was an awesome movie. Then off  to bed. In the morning we got up and then Judy made a nice breakfast so we ate that. Then Judy, Ian and I went shopping and Ivan went to a friend's house. We shopped for a couple of hours and then when we were at a two o'clock lunch Ivan's friend's mom called that she was bringing him home because his friend threw up. Well we went and got him and he was pretty upset that his visit got cut short. Fast forward to seven hours later and we got home. I got some good craft supplies and also some things at Goodwill. It was a good trip. We had a late supper and then watched the movie Moneyball which was also good. Sunday morning we got up and we were eating breakfast and it was my dad saying that the weather was getting bad and going to get worse. There was freezing drizzle, turning to freezing rain and then snow on top of that. So I decided to take off for home. My nephew Ian, bless his heart came out and helped me scrape off the ice that was already on my car and then I took off. The roads were pretty good but the ice was still on the windows and stuff. I was glad to get home. Now I just have to get into the mood to use my craft supplies and craft!

Have a great day or night or whatever. Thank you for visiting.

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