Saturday, April 12, 2014

J is for Junk....

Hello prim friends! So do any of you have friends and family members like mine and think your primitive treasures are "junk"? Do they wonder why on earth you pick up some of the things you do?  I know there are kindred spirits out there that can see the beauty in the same things I do!
An old crate found in a garbage pile made into a table in my living room.
An old set of drawers my Grandpa kept his screw and nails in now is one of my most precious things!
 An old crock with dead plants in.
 Old kitchen gadgets.
 An old rusty truck now filled with flowers in a yard.
Old ladder holds special things next to  the bed.
An old window hung on the wall and decorated and also old frames

And old soda pop crates on the wall used for shelving more "junk:.

Well that is all for now but I have to say I can't wait until the weather gets better so I can go looking for more treasured junk!


Heather Wise said...

Hello, Cindi!
I love, LOVE your grandfather's drawers- awesome treasure for sure!

I just got my first soda crate a few weeks ago. I love it. Perfect for my log cabin collection. I have to say, I was the biggest naysayer of prims when I first got married. I was "grossed out" that they looked "dirty". Now the dirtier the better. Actually, my family does like my style now. The funniest ones to like it are my brother and brother-in-law. Go figure!

I love old crates too! Lovin' the truck! It all looks beautiful!!!

Big warm hugs to you!

Primitive Stars said...

Morning Cindi, how special for you to have the drawers from your Grandpa, love it....I have much "junk" in my home that people cannot believe I decorate with. But love my Prims, the more chippy and worn the better. Hugs Francine.

Holly said...

I love all of your "junk." I especially love the drawers from your grandpa. What a treasure!

Raggedy Creations said...

HI Cindi. I love your set of old drawers from Grandpa and your crock too. I also have a chippy window frame.