Saturday, August 7, 2010

Writing in orange text, interesting huh? It is a gloomy, rainy thundering morning so I am brightening it up on here! Happy Saturday everyone! Later today I will be going out to my mom and dad's house. My brother Jon and his family are coming for part of the weekend so I will go have some fun with my nephews. At first they told us they were going to be here at noon so that is what all of the planning was for but then they caleld this morning at 10:30 and said it wouldn't be until 2...they always do that and even after setting a time they are late 90 % of the time, it is very frustrating. Tomorrow my oldest nephew is leaving to drive to AZ where he will be going to school. It is going to be a little sad that he is so far away from everyone but he seems very excited so we are all wishing him the best and praying he finds what he really wnats to do to begin his life. This is his second year of school and he has already decided that he doesn't want to be a pilot anymore so we will see. Guess I better get some things done since I have an extra two hours, have a great weekend everyone!

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