Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Happy Tuesday my friends. Today is a day when I feel like my favorite character Eeyore! I was awake from 3 am until at least 5:30am and so today has just been a sludging through mud kind of day. I made it through work and now tonight I am just very reflective about my lack of friends. I have never had a group of friends. In highschool there were all of the cliques and I was an outsider. I have missed having girlfriends and people I can talk to and even people I can do things with. Being single I think makes it extra hard because there is so much of the time that I am alone.
OK now after thinking about it I guess I am not alone, God is always there with me, I can always talk to Him and He is always there for me. I guess I need to remember that.

Have a great Wednesday everyone! Be blessed!



AliceMum said...

Hi sweetie..don't forget you got this friend even if I am a long distant friend..I think of you lots..and so wish we lived closer to each other!! Love ya!!

Melody said...

Hi Cindi, I was just out blog hopping and found you through sweet AliceMum's blog :o) I've never really had a large group of friends myself...I lived where I am now for over 2 years before I actually made 1 good friend!!!
I'm going to add you to my friends list, hope thats ok! :o)