Sunday, August 1, 2010

August 1st already can you believe it? The summer is really going by fast! The sad part is that my vacation time is all used up so now it is back to work with nothing to look forward to for the rest of the summer. I do have my cousin's wedding in October so that is something.

We got back on Thursday from Kansas City. It was a fun time but oh so tiring. We got into KC Monday just in time to change and freshen up a little and then head to the ballpark. We ate supper there, they have great chicken strips. The weather was a little hot but there was a nice breeze so that made it a lot nicer. The game was great! We won 19 to 1. Our seats were only 7 rows up from the field so it was neat to see the game up close and personal. On Tuesday Tammy had to take her car in because it was making a terrible sound and we just want to chance it anymore. She took it to Midas and there was some broken rod so that had to be fixed and also brakes had to be put in. I was at the hotel with the boys and we thought the latest she would be back was 1 so I got them out of the pool and had them all ready to go to lunch and the WWI museum at 12:30. Well at 2:30 she still wasn't back so I finally called the place and talked to her and she said it was worse than she first thought but she should be back shortly. She got back at 3 and we didn't have time to go to the museum so we went to a fancy Jack's Stack's place for their ribs and then headed to the game again. I think this day tired me out the most being with two preteen boys with nothing to do but wait in a hotel room. Oy!! The game was another good one and we won again but it was a lot more humid and hot.
Wednesday we got up and headed to Iowa. The boys and Tammy watch this show on the History channel called American Pickers and the store and home base is in Iowa so we stopped there. The first time we were there they git their picture taken with the girl that is on the show and bought some tee-shirts. We drove around town a bit and it was almost time for the place to close so we drove by again and the van the guys use was there so we stopped again and the boys got Mike's autograph and pictures taken with him, they were so excited.
Wednesday night we stayed in Dubuque IA and then Thursday on the way home we stopped in Dyersville IA at the site where Field of Dreams was filmed. The boys had both seen the movie and it was a really neat place to see. Here we are there.

I went back to work on Friday and Saturday and today did a little catching up and getting ready for another long week of work. Have a great week everyone and be blessed!

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