Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Say what??? Well that is the name my town came up with to celebrate our German heritage and also the fall season it runs from the middle of September to the end of October so they put the two months together. This is the last weekend and I will be out of town so I decided to share some pictures of what it is all about. 
Under the bridge is our park and that is where the Pumpkin patch is and where most of the activities take place.

Every entrance into town...(4 of them) has a decorated scene like this.
 The big thing is the topiary contest and these are some of the entries this the ladybug!
 Bumble Bee
 Puppy Dog
 The businesses and private houses also decorate, this is the private school in town, they are the Yellowjackets
 The bank display

State Farm Insurance

 More decorations under the bridge park.
 There are also pumpkin races where kids put wheels on pumpkins and have a derby
And of course you can get taken around town in style to see all the fun things on a horse and carriage ride.
Each weekend there are special events like the German parade, Polka music under the bridge, pumpkin carving contests, pet shows and much more. Just thought you might like to see a little of my little town at it's best.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Come on Over

Today is Monday so I have posted at my SWD. The link is above my picture. Come on over and see what I have to say and please leave a comment. Have a great week!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

THings do get better....

Things do get better, that is what I keep telling myself. Thank you for the comments and the "hugs" I appreciate your friendships! A lot of different things have been going on in my life lately and I guess it just all came to a head this last week. It has been tough but with God's help I will get through it. I know I have people praying for me and that helps. 

Today is Saturday and I have this weekend off. I slept in really late and then I didn't do much else. I watched a movie on TV, did some laundry and spent time on the computer. Tomorrow after church I will go out to mom and dad's and do some things for them. Next Friday is my cousin's wedding in Milwaukee so I have Thursday through Sunday off so that will be really good. It will be nice to be surrounded by my family's love. 

I think our nice fall weather is over, it was so nice while it lasted but it is now looking like the highs this next week are only going to be in the 50's I guess it is time but we got a little spoiled. I am going to hold out as long as I can turning the heat on because it si so expensive. We will see how long I last. Probably not too long. 

Well I am off to bed, have a great Sunday everyone.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I am sitting here at the computer and I am just feeling such a sadness, a loneliness and feeling like I just want to cry. I sometimes feel this way, so alone just wanting someone to share a laugh with or get a hug from. When my mom was sick and in the hospital I realized how much I depend on her. She is always there for me, she is not only my mom but my bet friend, my only friend. What am I going to do if I ever lose her? I know I will but it just hit home because I was so close to losing her twice in the last month. I have been so tired this week, and just kinda down...I am trying to get out of it and with God's help I will. 
Just wanted to share where I was today. Hopefully it will all be better tomorrow! 

Monday, October 11, 2010

Simple Woman's Daybook

Hello everyone! I have posted at my other blog today, Simple Woman's Daybook. Please click on the link by my picture and come on over! Have a wonderful day and Be Blessed!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

It's Over

Well I had to let it sink in awhile but the baseball season is over. The big bad yankees beat my Twins in three games. It was really sad because we just didn't play like we had any confidence at all. I guess I can be glad we made it that far but it is just sad that the last three times we made it to the playoffs we meet the Yankees and they destroy us. Ho Hum! Now I am rooting for whoever can beat the Yankees!

Today was a good day. I felt a little better (I have a cold) so I went out to mom and dad's. My brother brought the two boys down to see mom and she was in her glory. I think that is the best medicine she has had in a long time, seeing two of her grandkids. They stayed for a couple of hours, got lots of hugs and kisses and then we all went home. It was a nice day. 

I am pretty tired so I am going to bed early. Just wanted to update a little bit here. Make sure you check out my Daybook tomorrow. Have a blessed week!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Go Twins!

Happy Wednesday everyone! I had a very lazy day today. I didn't sleep in too late, I was up by 9 so that was ok. I did some cleaning and laundry and then did some reading. I just lazed around this afternoon and then I took my mom and dad out some supper and ate with them and now I am home. I am looking forward to tonight! First of all I hav to watch Survivor but I am really lucky because my beloved Minnesota Twins are in the playoffs and that starts tonight also, the only bad thing is that we have to play the dreaded Yankees again, I really really do NOT like the Yankees! So anyway GO TWINS!!
Back to work tomorrow. The weather is just beautiful, we are having our Indian summer. Too bad there have to be so many of those Asian beetles flying around, ICK!! Well I gotta go get ready to watch my Twins WIn!! Have a great night everyone!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Happy Tuesday everyone! It is 10:30 at night but I have off tomorrow so I get to be a night owl like I love! I love being up late and then also sleeping in late and that is exactly the plan for tomorrow. I am calling tomorrow a "Cindi Day". I am not going to get up with an alarm, I don't ahve to go to the hospital and I don't have to work. I am going to do some things that have been neglected around my apartment and also just be home. 

My mom came home from the hospital today and we are all so thankful. Thank you to everyone who kept her in your prayers! One thing I feel really bad that she has to go through is that she has to get her antibiotic IV's at the hospital here in our town twice a day. She has to be there at 8 am and 8pm. It takes 1 and a half to 2 hours each time so I think that is going to be very tiring for an older person that has just gone through all she has gone through. We will help as much as we can and leave it in God's hands.

Well I am off to go to bed, read a book and sleep in late tomorrow morning! I will probably be up at the regular time, just watch! LOL Have a great night!


Monday, October 4, 2010

Happiest of Monday's everyone! Please come on over to my Simple Woman's Daybook and catch today's post! Hopefully I will have more posting time this week! Until then be blessed my friends! 

Friday, October 1, 2010

October Already!

Good morning world! It is October, it is so hard to believe that it is already October. This is the beginning of my favorite couple of months of the year! I love the weather that October brings! I love looking outside and watching the leaves turn their beautiful colors. I love the crispness that begins to seep into the breezes and the sound of leaves as you walk through them on the ground. I also love watching the leaves dancing through the air on windy days. In November it is so fun to cuddle up in blankets with a good book when it is so chilly outside. Drinking hot chocolate the warms you all the way down and enjoying the smell and taste of homemade soups. Of course then there is Thanksgiving that is such a special time to take stock of all the Blessings that God has given us, little and small and be thankful! It is also the start of special family time with Thanksgiving and Christmas! Oh yes this is a very favorite time of year for me! 

My mom continues to be in the hospital. I talked to her tonight on the phone and she sounds a lot better, stronger and really ready to be home. I will be going to see her tomorrow and probably on Sunday too. 

Have a great day everyone! Be blessed and know you are loved!