Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Go Twins!

Happy Wednesday everyone! I had a very lazy day today. I didn't sleep in too late, I was up by 9 so that was ok. I did some cleaning and laundry and then did some reading. I just lazed around this afternoon and then I took my mom and dad out some supper and ate with them and now I am home. I am looking forward to tonight! First of all I hav to watch Survivor but I am really lucky because my beloved Minnesota Twins are in the playoffs and that starts tonight also, the only bad thing is that we have to play the dreaded Yankees again, I really really do NOT like the Yankees! So anyway GO TWINS!!
Back to work tomorrow. The weather is just beautiful, we are having our Indian summer. Too bad there have to be so many of those Asian beetles flying around, ICK!! Well I gotta go get ready to watch my Twins WIn!! Have a great night everyone!


KrnDrln said...

Glad your mom is home!!

I'm actually watching the Twins right now! I'll root for the Twins until the World Series when I have to root for my Braves again! ;)

AliceMum said...

Hmmm Karen sounds sure of the Braves doesn't she?!? LOL I will be cheering with you Cindi..even if the Twins should not make it I will cheer for the American league team!! Glad that your mom is home and you are able to spend some time with her without driving an hour!
I love this weather..they are forecasting 75-80 by Saturday..I sure can handle that!! Haven't seen any of the beetles here and I sat outside for over an hour reading this afternoon...

Glad you had d nice day off!! Love ya,