Friday, October 1, 2010

October Already!

Good morning world! It is October, it is so hard to believe that it is already October. This is the beginning of my favorite couple of months of the year! I love the weather that October brings! I love looking outside and watching the leaves turn their beautiful colors. I love the crispness that begins to seep into the breezes and the sound of leaves as you walk through them on the ground. I also love watching the leaves dancing through the air on windy days. In November it is so fun to cuddle up in blankets with a good book when it is so chilly outside. Drinking hot chocolate the warms you all the way down and enjoying the smell and taste of homemade soups. Of course then there is Thanksgiving that is such a special time to take stock of all the Blessings that God has given us, little and small and be thankful! It is also the start of special family time with Thanksgiving and Christmas! Oh yes this is a very favorite time of year for me! 

My mom continues to be in the hospital. I talked to her tonight on the phone and she sounds a lot better, stronger and really ready to be home. I will be going to see her tomorrow and probably on Sunday too. 

Have a great day everyone! Be blessed and know you are loved!



AliceMum said...

Happy Fall to you too Cindi!! Loved your made fall sound so perfect..I do love it but just not quite as much as summer!! LOL Thanksgiving is what I am looking forward to now..I love that holiday!! Praying for your mom..and you! Remember...I love ya!!

Julze said...

Hi Cindi! I love Fall/Autumn also but currently very much enjoying SPRING here in New Zealand and all its NEWNESS!

Have a happy day,