Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I am sitting here at the computer and I am just feeling such a sadness, a loneliness and feeling like I just want to cry. I sometimes feel this way, so alone just wanting someone to share a laugh with or get a hug from. When my mom was sick and in the hospital I realized how much I depend on her. She is always there for me, she is not only my mom but my bet friend, my only friend. What am I going to do if I ever lose her? I know I will but it just hit home because I was so close to losing her twice in the last month. I have been so tired this week, and just kinda down...I am trying to get out of it and with God's help I will. 
Just wanted to share where I was today. Hopefully it will all be better tomorrow! 


Judy said...

Cindi, I am 'so' sorry that you are feeling so down. I wish I were there in person to just give you a BIG hug! I hope you know, that even though I may not live near you, I am only an email please reach out when you are having a down day. And your Mom isn't your only friend - 'I' am your friend too. I feel sooooo blessed that you have been brought into my life - I mean that with all my heart. I do understand your feelings about losing your Mom - I've been there, & I did lost mine. When that time comes, I cannot tell you the peace, the strength, & the grace that God gives. I hope you feel better. When we get worn down & tired, sadness has a way of creeping into our lives. Praying that a good night's sleep will bring a much brighter perspective tomorrow. Love you Cindi!! Hang in there, & remember - I'm just an email away. Hugs!

AliceMum said...

Hi sweetie..didn't read this until a bit ago..after all this time I thought you knew that I definitely consider you as one of my dearest friends..I know we have never met in person but I feel like I have met you and love you know you can email me anytime or private message on FB..don't keep it to yourself when you are having a down day..praying that things are looking up for you today!! Love ya,

Judy said...

Hi sweet Cindi...just checking in on you. Hoping you feel better. Down times are less down when shared with a friend, so I have my hand stuck out here...all you have to do is reach. I do love you Cindi...sight unseen, but you are a FRIEND. Sending you big hugs!

~Pam~ said...

Hi Cindi,
Oh, I am sorry to see you have been feeling down! Wish I could give you a hug in person!!
You are a sweet friend to me, a true blessing!