Sunday, October 10, 2010

It's Over

Well I had to let it sink in awhile but the baseball season is over. The big bad yankees beat my Twins in three games. It was really sad because we just didn't play like we had any confidence at all. I guess I can be glad we made it that far but it is just sad that the last three times we made it to the playoffs we meet the Yankees and they destroy us. Ho Hum! Now I am rooting for whoever can beat the Yankees!

Today was a good day. I felt a little better (I have a cold) so I went out to mom and dad's. My brother brought the two boys down to see mom and she was in her glory. I think that is the best medicine she has had in a long time, seeing two of her grandkids. They stayed for a couple of hours, got lots of hugs and kisses and then we all went home. It was a nice day. 

I am pretty tired so I am going to bed early. Just wanted to update a little bit here. Make sure you check out my Daybook tomorrow. Have a blessed week!


AliceMum said...

Glad you had such a nice day at your Mom's...I am sure the kids helped her feel better..they always do for me!! Yesterday we spent the afternoon at Ed's and it was good to be around the grandkids and get hugs and kisses!! Get a good night's rest sweetie..and have a good day at work ya!!

Judy said...

Hi Cindi! How sweet that your Mom got to see the boys, & to read of how it cheered her. I hope she is feeling better. I'm sure she's thrilled to be home. I know you are happy to have her there.

Hope you get a good night's sleep, & feel better about your Twins tomorrow. I will be by to read your SWD. Love you Cindi! Hugs