Saturday, September 11, 2010

Sept 11, 9-11, who could forget this day 2001? I will never forget the sorrow I felt, the tears I cried, the frustration I felt and then the pride I felt. I was glued to the TV set watching the horrifying images, it all seemed so unreal but yet it was real. All the people that lost their lives, their families and all of the people whose lives were changed, special prayers are being said for you by me today.

Now onto my mom. It started out to be a very scary morning. My dad called over to the hospital this morning and we were told that they had found a blood clot in her lungs. That made us very scared because that is pretty serious.My dad called my brother Jon and then he and Judy called him back, Judy is a RN and after talking to her and hearing what she had to say we were all a bit more at ease. My sister, dad and I went to the hospital to see mom, it is hard seeing her in ICU with all of the machines hooked up to her and stuff but while we were there a doctor came in and explained stuff to us and also her nurse came in and asked if we had any questions or anything. I felt a lot better after seeing her and getting all of the professional's feedback. Tomorrow my sister and I are going back to see her but we are making my dad stay at home. He has been there everyday since Tuesday when she had her surgery so it is time he took a day off. The best thing about seeing mom is seeing the faith she has. It really makes you want to work to strengthen your own faith so I am trying to be strong in the Lord.


KrnDrln said...

Cindi, you know I've been where you are with your mom's situation in regard to my mom and understand completely! I'm praying for you and your mom and her doctors! HUGS

Judy said...

Hi Cindi! You told me that you had almost picked my blog bg, & I almost picked this one. :-) So see - we 'are' alike! It made me smile.

I'm so thankful that your Mom will be coming home tomorrow. What an answer to prayer! My Mom had great, great faith too - she amazed me. I love it that our Moms can still teach us things long after we are grown up. Love you Cindi!