Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Memories

It is late but I wanted to post about my Christmas before I forgot what I wanted to write, it happens a lot to me. Anyway it was a great Christmas as usual! I think I was even more grateful and felt even more blessed to be able to celebrate this year after being in the hospital for 7 months and not really sure if I would make it. I did make it so it made the family time and traditions even more special. It is funny how the "kids" really enjoy the traditions too. We did our processional into the crib set to put baby Jesus into the manger and we say the "wrong" song and my oldest nephew and my niece both rejected the new song because "we always sing Come All Ye Faithful" so we redid it! LOL Also three years ago my mom made taco salad for Christmas day to have with the other stuff and to this day she gets a rough time for "the kids" how she changed the menu! Never again she says. So if you have little ones please keep traditions alive in your celebrations because they will remember them even when they are 21 and 18! To me that is super special.
So anyway on Christmas my brother Jon, SIL Judy, Ian and Ivan came from St.Paul and went to church with me, my sister mom and dad. It was a very nice service. Then it was back to mom and dad's for lasagne and then visiting and games. Here is Jon, Judy, Ian and Ivan.

They became part of our family last Dec. 31st and we love them dearly!

On Christmas day my brother Mike, SIL Jane, Matthew, Michelle and Logan came and that is when I started taking the pictures here is Mike and the family.
 And here is a picture of the grandkids for a frame I got my mom and dad.
Her is my sister with Ian and Ivan

Here is my mom and niece Michelle
Here is my dad being funny.
And lastly here I am.

As you can tell by all of the smiles it was a great day celebrating Jesus' birthday and spending time with family. I hope you and your family also had a very special Christmas!

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AliceMum said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the pictures...but especially the one of YOU!! So pretty!! You are looking fantastic sweetie!! Love ya!!♥