Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Christmas is all done, family has gone home and I am going to do some catch up on my blog. It has been awhile but hopefully I will be able to be back more regularly. It is kinda hard writing in a blog knowing that no one else will probably read it but then again I enjoy going back and rereading it so here goes.
Since I am not working I had some time to do some crafts for Christmas. I found Pinterest and now I am addicted but I did get some great ideas.

 This is just a wreath made out of buttons, thought it was kinda cute. The tree is made out of rolled up scrapbook paper and wrapping paper. There are tons more ideas I want to try out but have to get supplies to do more. I also made some stitched cards but didn't take a picture of those.

This is just cheap dollar store frames that I put scrapbook paper in the back and then cut out the letters and have a neat wall hanging. I am going to do another of these for winter so stay tuned! LOL
Well that is about it for today. I will tell you all about my Christmas tomorrow. Enjoy!

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AliceMum said...

Wow I love your background here on your blog Cindi!! So neat!! I think you did great with your crafts..I just was lazy and didn't do as much this year...maybe Achilles tendonitis had a little to do with it...but I am so glad you are feeling so good and are able to celebrate whole heartedly this year!!! Love you!!