Friday, November 18, 2011


Happy Friday everyone! It has been a very busy week for me. I am still working out every other day and it is going good, stronger every day. I fell about 3 weeks ago and my shoulder was still hurting so I went to the doctor and I have a torn tendon so just another set back. I have anti inflammatory pills and pain pills. I also have to go through some more Physical therapy. I just want to be back to the strength I was before all of the complications. It took such a short time to lose all of my abilities and so so long to get them all back. 

One of the happiest things that happened right before my surgery is that my brother Jon got married to Judy. It was so beautiful and special. They got married on Dec.31st with just the family and it was quite the way to begin a new year, with 3 new members to our Loretz family. Here are some pictures.
Before the ceremony: Four separate sands/colors standing apart: 

 All four becoming one
 After the ceremony all the sand/colors together in one beautiful unit.
Jone and his "new" sons Ian and Ivan.
Oh yes such a special day!!
That is it for today, Love you all and be blessed!

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