Sunday, December 19, 2010

So Excitied

Well here it is only 6 days until Christmas and I am so excited. I am finally done shopping, have everything wrapped and ready to go now just have to work and then enjoy the two days with family. Jon, Judy and the boys are coming down Christmas eve and we will all go to church together and then have a big meal afterwords. Last year we had game night after we got cleaned up so I am pretty sure that will happen again. It doesn't really what we do just that we are together. Mike, Jane and the kids will come down about noon on Christmas day and then we will all have that day together to open gifts, eat, laugh and enjoy each other. I just love this time of year, it is the only time all of us are together. This year will end on a very high note as we add three very special people to our family on New Years eve day. Jon and Judy will be getting married. We will all be in the cities for that and we are all staying at teh same hotel so that will be a lot of fun also. 

The last time I wrote in here we had our first snow well since then we had our first blizzard. We got 20 inches of snow from last Friday night into Sunday morning. Now there is a chance of about 6 more inches tomorrow, I hope it misses us. I love snow but just not all at once.

Well that is about it. Enjoy this time my friends and remember the real meaning we celebrate CHRISTmas!

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