Sunday, December 5, 2010

First Snow

Happy Sunday everyone! Well we finally got our first snowfall! It started Friday night and I woke up Saturday to go to work and there were about 6 inches on the ground! I am so excited! Now it looks like winter and we can really start getting ready for Christmas. I did a little bit more decorating this weekend and also went and helped my mom with her tree. I didn't get my cards done so I will hopefully work on them this week and get them mailed out this coming weekend. 

Back to work tomorrow and I just don't want to go. I don't know why just feel a real dread that I usually don't feel. I am hoping when I get there it will be better and the week will fly by!

I do have some bad news, I broke a tooth last night so now I have to fit a dentist visit in this week. What is even worse is I have to fit in a dentist bill. What a time to have a big unexpected bill like that! I am going to tell him if it is too much to just pull the tooth, I just can't afford it!

Well I have to get some laundry done, have a great week! Here is a picture of our first snowfall! Enjoy! 

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AliceMum said...

LOVE your long as it's in MinneSNOWta!!! LOL We had a few straggling snow flakes today but no accumulation!! It's been a lot colder but so snow. Sounds like you're ahead of me with decorating..this week we'll get the tree in from the garage and get busy decorating!! I lead Bible study Wednesday (my turn) and so I need to spend a little more time than normal on the the tree will probably have to wait until after Wednesday!! Hang in there about'll do fine!! Love ya...Mum