Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Happy December!

Happy first of December! I was off today so I got a lot done. Outside there were snow flurries and inside there was Christmas music and Christmas decorating. I love it! I am almost done decorating but still have some things to do. I will just work on it a little each night. I do have my tree up and my lighted garland up so I can just have that as my light at night when I am watching TV, it is so pretty. 

Thanksgiving was so wonderful. My brother Jon, fiance Judy and the two boys Ian and Ivan were here. We had a wonderful dinner and then we went through the ads, made wedding plans, played games and just enjoyed everyone. I had to work Friday but they were still here so I went out after work and we had pizza and played more games and laughed some more. I was truly thankful that we were all together. The only thing better would have been if my other brother and his family were there but that will happen at Christmas and at the wedding. That will be so much fun!

Well I am going to get back to doing some decorating. Have a wonderful and blessed week!

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