Sunday, February 1, 2015

Big Day

Well it is a big day today...Super Bowl I care? No not really. I am a Packer fan and we got beat by Seattle in a weird game. It made me think it just wasn't suppose to be. So anyway I don't really care for either team that is playing so I am not going to pay very close attention to it. I will be watching for the commercials and the halftime show. I thought I heard somewhere that some cable company was going to give the option of fast forwarding through the game and just skip to the commercials, that is something I would like.
Happy first day of February. there are a lot of people that are getting a big snow storm in the Midwest but sadly not me...I think we got 3/4 of an inch....maybe an inch. I really was hoping we would get more. the snow cover is about 3 inches and it hasn't really been a good moisture type winter. I just hope we don't get all of our snow in March and April.
Well have a great day everyone! Enjoy whatever you are doing!


Primitive Stars said...

Hi Cindi, happy February to you.... Blessings Francine.

linda/Il said...

We have over a foot and still coming down with the wind blowing & temps dropping. I know many of us would gladly send the whole lot to you!

Kim Orcutt said...

Happy February! I wish we could share some of our snow with you :) We got at least and foot and a half over night and it's still coming.

Pendleton Primitives said...

The ski resort here said we had received 12 inches by this morning. Last night we tried to get out to get to the hospital but couldn't because the snow plows returned to their garages early and the snow was just coming down too fast. Thankfully we all just have a really nasty gastrointestinal flu that is beginning to clear up.

Thankfully our neighbor dug is out this morning because none of us had the strength to shovel.

We didn't watch the game either and didn't get to see any commercials. Maybe next year.

Take care.

bettyj said...

Love the Budweiser commercials. Love Allison Krauss too. Have a great weekend

Karen said...

I don't care for the Super Bowl either :) Hope you're having a good weekend!