Tuesday, May 27, 2014

From Winter to Summer

I have been waiting and waiting for spring. It was a long, cold winter and I wanted to enjoy the nice spring weather. I think we had 2 days of spring and now it is summer.  It is in the 80's but the worse part is the high humidity.  I am not complaining because it is a lot better than winter. This afternoon we had a nice "summer" shower. I love being off work when it is cloudy and rainy. I love the sounds of raindrops and the smell that goes a long with it also. The sun is out now and I love that too.
I still go up and babysit my nephew each week...that is the highlight of each week, he is growing up so fast although he a little peanut and does NOT like to eat!  Here is a picture I took on the way home on one of the spring days we had.
Then just cause I love to brag on him here is a picture of Isaiah...I think he thinks the camera is part of my face! LOL
All tired out from being outside.
Memorial weekend was great for me! On Saturday my sister and I spent the day together. We went shopping and she got me an early birthday present, I just love it!
Here are more pictures of my containers, can't wait until they are all really blooming...I planted them this weekend. The hanging one and purple one I bought like that of course.

Well I have finally made a post. I think I got a little worn out after doing the a-z posts...didn't even finish. Have a great spring everyone!


Danice said...

What pretty flowers Cindi. Isaiah sure is a darling also. I am also so glad that Spring is finally here :)

Primitive Stars said...

Morning Cindi, yes, finally some nice Spring weather, love the warm sunshine. Your nephew is such a doll, must be so enjoyable to be with... Your flowers are so pretty, love the watering can, Blessings Francine.

Holly said...

It's really warm and humid here too. Isaiah is so cute! Your flowers looks great. Enjoy your day!

MyJourneyBack said...

I enjoyed your post. Very fun. Your flowers look great.
I read a few of the ABC posts. I enjoyed them. It was a big challenge.
I do a weekly ABC post on Thursday. Have you seen it?
I came by from Country Girl at Home via another blog I don't remember. LOL. Anyway I am following you now.
Come and see me.
Have a great day,

BumbleBeeLane said...

Oh my he is getting big..smile... Me I'm not much of a summer person I think it's because it's non stop busy and the heat. I'm a nester for sure.Warm Blessings! Amy

AliceMum said...

Love all the pictures of your flowers Cindi..so pretty!! I LOVE this time of year..humid or not it's okay with me...especially after the winter we had!! Our days are still up and down temperature wise but it's feeling more and more like summer!! Love ya!!

bettyj said...

I am with you, I will NOT complain about the heat!lol Beautiful pictures as usual and Isaiah is a doll.Love his name.

frontporchprims said...

Last year, after the "Whole Lotta Love" posts in February, it wore me completely out and I vowed never to join in one of those things again;) That was the begining of the end for me. Ha ha. It all went downhill from there. It is so fun to watch toddlers. They are all so cute. Isaiah is a doll! Glad summer is on it's way. Have a great week Cindy. BTW, your plants are so pretty and make your home a lovely place to be.

jody said...

Hi Cindi! Beautiful flowers! I have 1 bloom in my garden.. We are about 3 weeks behind. Maybe this week i will plant some pots. I to love the saultry weather ( not so much the humidity either) but! every thing is soo green! Enjoy your day! Oh and that adorable nephew!

Farmhouse prims said...

Hi Cindi, Isiah is really growing and getting cuter everyday. I love all of your beautiful flowers, your Birthday container is gorgeous! Hugs, Lecia


Beautiful pictures Cindy. I do love the flowers. Isiah is one handsome little fellow...such a cutie. Your containers are super.