Monday, December 3, 2012

Merriment ~~Day 5

What a love filled, fun exciting weekend. The shower went fabulous. My SIL was so thankful and so impressed. She is from Kenya so this is a new tradition for her, she gave it a thumbs up! LOL I am still battling my cold and am pretty tired but I didn't want to miss another day in the merriment chain so I am here.
I am sharing the bags I made for each person that came to the shower to take home. We had a dishcloth in them, a note pad and some candy. I made the bags Christmasy so they could be used again. So this is what I am sharing for my merriment today...I am so merry that they got done and I don't have to look at them anymore. lol.


Primlish ♥ said...

How cute are those! Love practical gifts!

Primitive Stars said...

Morning Cindi, so happy the shower was a hit, lots of work but paid off.......Sweet Christmas bags, great idea......Hope you feel better and prayers for your Sis, Blessings Francine.

Lori @ applegrovetreasures said...

You're so funny! The bags were a wonderful idea! So glad to hear the shower went well but sorry to hear you are still not feeling well:( Sucks to be sick this time of year, I know, with four little ones we just keep passing it around and around. Feel better soon and thanks for sharing:)

Jan - Life on Buttermilk Hill said...

LOL! Your bags are really cute! I find it so interesting the differences in cultures. I'm sure your SIL is dumbfounded by some of our traditions! Feel better soon--Jan

Christine said...

Reallllly cute gift bags, Cindi!

Have a great day

frontporchprims said...

What a great Sister-in-Law you are to do that for her. The bags look great Cindi. How smart to make them festive so they can be used again. I am glad you had a great weekend. I hope that you feel better soon.

Beckyjean said...

Love the little gift bags you made Cindi.

Have a wonderful day~Becky