Sunday, May 27, 2012

Family Day...

It was an absolutely beautiful summerish day today.  The temps were in the 90s and the sun was shining brightly. My sister, mom, dad and I took off to go to my brother and SIL's house. It was a beautiful drive along the Mississippi River and there were a lot of people out enjoying their boats.
Doesn't that just look like so much fun? When we got to the house we went out to eat at Famous Dave's BBQ, the food was so good and the company was the best! My SIL was enjoying herself,

My brother Jon and SIL Judy, nephew Ian in the background. She had a mango strawberry margarita, I tasted it a couple of times, it was good!
My dad and sister Tammy.
Ivan getting some hugs from Grandpa and Grandma.
Me and my Sil Judy.
It was a great day! Love time spent with family.


Gail said...

Glad you had a nice visit with the family! It is nice that they are not that far away. Having our family over today for cookout and looking forward to their visit! Love Ya'll!

Donna said...

What a wonderful day for all of you. :)

Alice said...

Sounds like you had an amazing time Cindi !! It's always nice to have family nearby! Have a great rest of the weekend !!!!

BumbleBeeLane said...

You have a lovely family.Glad you enjoyed yourself.Happy Memorial Day!~Amy

Primitive Stars said...

Hello Cindi, what a wonderful day you had, family is everything. I would have liked that drink to, tee hee. Happy Memorial Day, my friend, God Bless Francine.

cynthia lee designs said...

Spending time with family is the best!! And that is what I did this long holiday weekend too.

frontporchprims said...

Spending time with family is the best. That mango strawberry sounds soooo good!! Maybe I will try to make a drink with those flavors:) What a beautiful drive too. I am glad you had a good time. -Steph-

AliceMum said...

Loved the pictures Cindi..we had a great family get together too, not all of the kids were able to come but 3 out of 5 families isn't bad!! LOL I loved your SIL's big smile..she is so pretty!! Well I guess I should get back to posting on my blog one of these days!! You are motivating me!! love you!!!

AliceMum said...

I also LOVED your picture and that beautiful smile!! Glad you posted some of you along with the rest of the family!!! HUGS

Rugs and Pugs said...

Mango strawberry margarita??? That sounds yummo!
Looks like you had a great time with family!
Thanks for stopping by my blog.
Pug hugs :)

Trace4J said...

Oh what a wonderful family.
Love all the smiling faces.
Nothing like new memories.

Jan - Life on Buttermilk Hill said...

Hi Cindi!! I have been looking for you forever!! I finally found you through Angie Berry. When I clicked on your blog address on a comment it went no where! Beautiful family and looks like a close,loving one too! I'll be back again to visit!!--Jan

My Primitive Creations by Tonya said...

Hi Cindi Sounds like you all had a wonderful time for sure..there is nothing better then a say spent with family..Lots of memories made!

Thanks for stopping by my Blog and sharing your thoughts. Its nice to know others understand how you feel when the unexpected happens just when you thought things were going to be better. I sure hope I'm not down for 7 months. Glad that everything turned out good for you in the end!

God Bless and thank you for your prayers for healing!