Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Shopping treasures and update.

Hello everyone. I thought I better get here and do an update as it has been awhile. The Saturday before Easter my sister and I went shopping I found some things at Goodwill that I wanted to share with you.

I got these blocks that say this on one side and on the other side say friends faith and family.
Then I got these cute things, had to put my cinnamon rose hips in them. The bowl is wooden and the glas jar has an insert that you can put a tealight candle in it but I just put the rosehips in it and then tied some homespun fabric around it, I love the handle.
Then we went to another store called the Treehouse and I got this shelf. Here it is before I tweaked it.
 And here it is after I tweaked it, I really like it a lot!

It was a great day of shopping and it was just a great time being with my sister and doing something fun.

Saturday night I started having severe pain in my back and shooting around to the front. It kept getting worse and worse to the point where I could hardly stand it so I called my parents to see if they could take me to the ER. After five extremely painful hours there they did a CT scan and found out I had an extremely large kidney stone. It was 9mm and the doctor said there was no way I could pass it on my own. Being a small town hospital we don't have an Urologist on staff so I had to go to Mayo in Rochester by ambulance. I got there and then waited in the ER there for about 3 hours and then finally got admitted to a room and wouldn't see the urologist until Monday. So I spent my Easter laying alone in a hospital bed. I told my family to just go ahead and celebrate.  On Monday morning they did a procedure to try and blast it apart but they could not get the laser up far enough so they put a stint in my tube to stretch it and I have to go back in two weeks and hopefully they can blast it then. I am on pain pills and uncomfortable. I tell you after just getting out of the hospital in August after being in there for 7 months it was all a little too scary for me.Thankfully I got out Monday afternoon and the procedure I have is out patient. I really can't wait to be pain free.

Well I guess that is about it for now. I have my first swap package all ready to mail tomorrow. It is from Amy's Sweet Liberty Swap, I can't wait until my partner gets it, I sure hope she likes everything. I love being in swaps!

Have a great week everyone!
Be blessed!


Donna said...

You are soooo incredibly creative. I would never think to "tweak" those items like that. :)

I pray you get relief from that stone soon!

I'm sad that you spent Easter in the hospital alone, but glad you did not have to stay there!

cynthia lee designs said...

Oh sorry to hear about you being in the hospital over the Easter weekend. Saying prayers for you that they can blast your kidney stone and that you will be pain free soon.
You found some great things at the Goodwill. Love how you decorated the ladder.
I joined Amy's swap too and I'm mailing my goodies out to my swap partner tomorrow too. I'm sure your swap partner will love all her goodies.

Firecracker Kid said...

Hey Cindi, thanks for following my blog. I'm following you now :o)
Oh, you poor girl :( I sure hope they get that ole stone outta there quick. I've never had one, but my hubby has... he had to pass his, yeow!
I love the ladder display. Now I want one... lol.
Best wishes,

Angie Berry said...

Hi Cindi! I see that you are the newest follower on my blog so I wanted to come over here and meet you. Our goodwills around here are so high and never really have anything good, but we do have some good thrift shops that I like to hit. You did well, love the rosehips in the jar! The ladder shelf is so cute, love the way you decorated it! I would love to find an awesome piece like that!

So sorry that you spent Easter in the hospital. That's not good at all. I've never had a kidney stone but my husband has and I know he is always in so much pain when he does. Hopefully you will be pain free soon!

Thanks for following my blog. Have a wonderful weekend, my new friend~