Sunday, July 18, 2010

Well here we go, my first blog post. I guess so far it isn't too bad. LOL This was a good weekend. I had both days off and after working the last two Saturdays that was a good thing. I feel like I get a lot more accomplished when I have both days of the weekend off and I did this weekend for sure. Yesterday was again very hot and humid so I had the A/C on and did some cleaning and organizing inside. I have my apartment looking pretty good now and that is a great feeling. Today I did some laundry and also made a chicken macaroni salad. My mom gave me some fresh corn on the cob so that will be my supper.
I am very sad that my beautiful hanging flower seems to have burnt up from all of the heat and humidity. I watered it everyday plus we had lots of rain but it is very brown and I am not sure if it will come back or not. Even with all of the heat, humidity, rain, and wind the rest of my flowers look good so for that I am thankful.

Well that is my first post. I can't think of anything else to write. I will hopefully keep up with this and maybe even get to know some new people. Blessings to you all!


KrnDrln said...

Cindi! I think your blog looks lovely! I am not the one to ask about making the post wider, but I'm sure Judy can help! :)

Isn't it great to get some cleaning and decluttering finished? I know I still have one room to finish and I don't feel complete! I think it will have to wait until this next weekend now!

Glad to have you among the bloggers! :)

AliceMum said...

I agree with Karen..lovely look!! If you notice my blog the middle is not as wide as yours...but I like the sides to have more wallpaper kwim?? But one thing you might want to try is to make your font smaller on your can get a lot more in that way..just a suggestion..but I love the colors!!

KrnDrln said...

Cindi, another thing I thought of is kind of what Mum mentioned that you should use the 2 column look cause you can see more of the background and I think it looks nicer! But I had to switch them back and forth a couple of times to decide what I liked! LOL

Still, great job!

~Pam~ said...

Hi Cindi!
Great job on your blog!! It is really cute here. :-)
Take care hun!