Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Two more days of work and then I am off for 6! How exciting is that? I am very excited. What are you doing you might be asking? Well let me tell you! LOL This weekend is just my weekend off and I am going to be cleaning and putzing around on the computer and fun stuff like that...and also packing because at 7am Monday morning my sister and I are taking my two nephews to Kansas City. We will be going to two baseball games, one Monday night and one Tuesday night. The Twins will hopefully beat the Royals both games. We are also going to be taking my nephews to have a good Kansas City BBQ Ribs dinner. They both love ribs so much that we said we would do that, I on the other hand will probably have a burger! LOL I am not too adventurous when it comes to eating different food.

On the way home on Wednesday we are going to stay a night in Dubuque Iowa. Do any of you watch American Pickers on the History channel? Well both my nephews do and so does my sister and apparently there is a store of theirs in Iowa that we are going to stop at and we are also going to take them to see the Field of Dreams. We will be home next Thursday and then I am back to work on Friday and Saturday. I am so e
xcited! Now to make it through two more days of work.

I am off to bed. Have a wonder
ful Thursday and Be Blessed!

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AliceMum said...

Your vacation sounds like a lot of prepared you will probably have warm weather there too!! But it will be worth it! You need to leave me a comment when you visit my blogs!! Love you and really like your blog..looks so pretty!! Enjoy your last couple days of work sweetie!!