Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Christmas Memories

Hello my new blogging friends! I am so happy that you stopped by for a visit, please leave a comment and let me know you were here.

I am sitting t my computer looking out the window at a nice heavy snow is coming down. It is just beautiful. I am a lover of snow! I think it is so pretty and makes everything look better. I love how it clings to the trees and covers the brown dead ground. My feeling is this...if it is going to be cold we may as well have the snow to go with it.

We had just barely a covering for Christmas but this is making up for it. Speaking of Christmas it was a great time. My SIL Judy had to work on Christmas eve so Jon brought the boys and we just visited and reminisced of Christmas' from our youth. The memory we all had and shared the most were of Christmas Eves when we would all get into the car and travel a half an hour to my Grandparent's house. We would celebrate with my Grandparents and my dad's brother and his family. There were 7 kids and 6 adults in a pretty small house. We would have a little supper first, then take family pictures and then finally get to open our presents. The thing my brother, sister and I remember the most though was the ride back home. We always got to see Christmas lights, we would sing Christmas carols and we would always look for Santa's sleigh in the sky. Funny how those little things make the biggest impression.

On Christmas day everyone was at my mom and dad's except for my oldest nephew who is in Arizona. I have to be honest and say that Isaiah was the main attraction. He loved tearing the wrapping paper off and he was very excited about the new things he got.

 Stacking and restacking the drinking cups for Grandma.
 Ian and Logan...both 17 and full of trouble! LOL
Isaiah wanted to play with everything he opened right away..here the blocks from me.
 Michelle reading Iasiahhis new book.
 More block play later that night.
Redecorating Grandma's tree.
 Logan helping with a puzzle
 Saying good bye to my buddy!

It was a great time and many memories were made. I do hope you all made great memories with your families and that you all keep them in your hearts!



Primitive Stars said...

Morning Cindi, such special Christmas memories, I love the picture of you and wee one, so cute... Blessings Francine.

TheCrankyCrow said...

Hello Sweet Cindi - Hope you remember me....and my apologies for being so long gone.... I have missed my bloggy friends so much, and am trying to sort through who still blogs. I can't promise I will manage to keep up, but would like to try. Glad you had a wonderful Christmas...and Isaiah is an absolute doll. It is amazing the magic one little soul can bring to Christmas. I so miss those days! Hope all is well, and you've unburied yourself from yesterday's storm.... Ugh...Can't believe you are from Wisconsin and actually LIKE snow. ;o) Wishing you a wonderful new year filled with peace, joy, and more blessings than you can count. Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Danice said...

What wonderful Christmas memories. 'Looks like Isaiah and everyone had a fun time. Snow, well, we rarely get that here in Alabama. Soon 2016 will be here- happy New Year's to you all :)