Sunday, November 2, 2014

Happy November everyone!  It certainly feels like November, I was hoping to not turn my furnace on until November but ended up turning it on Oct. 30th, not too bad. Last night we ended daylight savings time. Most people don't like that it gets dark earlier now but I love it!  I love having my battery operated candles flickering, I love my scented candles burning, I love the twinkle lights on that stay up all winter and I love the feeling of warmth and safeness in my haven while it is dark and cold outside. Yes I am a little weird! LOL

I have my house decorated for fall but didn't put out as much as I usually do here are a few pictures.

My sweet little nephew did not go out trick or treating, too cold but he wore his costume and helped daddy give out candy . Also had his own Kit Kat! LOL

That is about all I have to share now.... have a wonderful grateful month!


bettyj said...

He is so cute! That costume was wonderful. I like Kit Kat's too. Your fall was so nice, but won't be long until Christmas will go up here. I will miss my fall.

Primitive Stars said...

Morning Cindi, not weird, I love the light glow and being cozy inside too. What a sweet little guy, great costume. Keep Cozy, Francine.

Margaret said...

I'm a gal who loves cozy too! Super cute costume! Happy Fall! Maggie

Christine said...

Hi Cindy! Happy November! Your idea to keep all those candles lit is great and so cozy these dark evenings!
Can't believe your sweet nephew is grown so much! Cool costume!!

Felicia said...

Hi Cindi. I feel the same as you about the cozy evenings and I like my candles too.

happy november

AliceMum said...

Loved the pics of your fall decorations...looks so pretty!! Enjoy your cozy evenings sweetie!! Love ya

Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

There's nothing like be all snuggled in on those cold nights and the lights always makes you feel cozy and warm.
Wonderful fall displays ~ I didn't do much either.
Awe ~ Your nephew is so cute!!!
Me love those kit kats too!
Happy November
Prim Blessings

Judy said...

Hi Cindi! I was thrilled to see your tag at my blog! I've missed you.

Your home sounds so cozy & inviting. Loved the pics you shared. It has felt like fall here for a few days, but it's supposed to be back up to 79 tomorrow. :(

What an adorable little dinosaur! He's so cute.

Hope you have a blessed day Cindi. Hope you see you dropping by more too. Hugs

Kim Orcutt said...

Love your Fall decorations and your nephew is so sweet!

Kim Orcutt said...

Love your Fall decorations and your nephew is so sweet!