Thursday, June 27, 2013

Trip and Treasures

Hello my dear prim friends. Well some people have recently posted on their blogs and I am so happy. I know a lot of people have gone to Facebook but to me that is just not as personal and I still enjoy visiting with you all on your blogs!  I really miss all of you and so enjoy hearing about your lives. I know summer is a busy time so hopefully it will get better in the fall.

Last week my mom, dad, sister and I took my two nephews Ian and Ivan to Green Bay for a little trip. We went to an amusement park and the boys enjoyed some rides. It was really neat because the city owned it and it was part of the park system so you bought tickets for .25 cents a piece and most rides were 2 tickets. The roller coaster was the most expensive and that was only 4 tickets...they had a lot of fun.

Then we went to the Green Bay Packer Hall of Fame.

And then we went to Lake Michigan and the boys loved being in the cold water and on the beach.

It was 3 and a half days filled with a lot of fun and activity! It took this old lady a couple of days to rest up. My sister and I went to an antique/thrift store and I picked up a couple of this..this neat Americana trencher and this neat wire basket. I am working on some bowl fillers to put into the basket so I will share them when I get them done.

Well that is all I have for now. Have a great week everyone!


Heather Wise said...

Hello, Cindi!
My visit has been long overdue! What a treat to see your new (or new to me) layout! Wow! I LOVE it! I agree with you on Facebook. It is impersonal, and I am guilty of it. Instead of taking the time to communicate, we give a token "Like". I do love reading blogs now that school is over!

I am torn about what to do about selling. It seems like Facebook gets more visitors for that. Etsy is so expensive, and eBay is hit or miss.

I love the pictures that you took from your trip! Your nephews look like they had a blast! I love the bumper car picture, it sure look like your older nephew was REALLY enjoying that one!

What treasures you found! Great finds! Can't wait to see your bowl fillers. I have the worst time deciding on bowl fillers. I am never sure whether or not to do little stitcheries or other groupings. I have a few bowls, and I just stew over them. I find that Pinterest has some good ideas!

Thank you for sticking by blogging! I enjoy reading your posts! I remember your first posts when you were starting out with country and primitives. You are rockin' out the blog, girl! Love it!

Blessings and hugs to you, dear friend! Thank you for visiting me!


Primitive Stars said...

Morning Sunshine, what a wonderful Holiday shared with family, the best exciting for the boys....that water looked cold but beautiful......Love that Trencher Cindi, can't wait to see what you make to fill it.......Happy Summer, Hugs Francine.

Trace4J said...

What wonderful new treasured memories.
Such fun.
Nuttin better than Family love.
Woolie Blessings

frontporchprims said...

Hi Cindi. I hate facebook and never use it although I have two accounts!! I'd rather call someone or blog. To tell you the truth, I don't have many close friends that I care to keep up with. Unless it's my family or blogging friends, I don't really take the time.
Your trip looks like a ton of fun. I was wondering if you were going to take the boys on another one again this summer. The lake looks like an ocean it's so big!
I love the trencher. Can't wait to see what you put in it. The basket is fun too. Nothing like antiques:) I am so glad you decided to post!! The new look of your blog is lovely. Good job. -Steph-

Angela said...

Hi Cindi, Looks like a lot of fun and memories were made in those 3 days. Don't you just love getting away for awhile? Always have to rest too when we get back. Funny you go on vacation and come home worn out!Love your trencher and the basket. Can't wait to see how you decorate with them. Have a great day and wonderful weekend,

BumbleBeeLane said...

The boys look like they had a blast. How neat is it to actually get tickets for a quarter! Love the wire basket you found. I'm like you like visiting my friends personally. Warm Blessings! Amy

Danice said...

wow what a great trip you all had cindi. i also love reading the blogs more than facebook. thanks for sharing with us. love the new items you got also. have a happy weekend.

Raggedy Creations said...

Hi Cindi. So glad you could get away and that you all had a good time. It's always nice to get away even if only for a few days.


Raymond Homestead said...

What great fun!