Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Happy Tuesday

Hello my friends. I really don't have a lot to share but just thought I would jump on and say hi to everyone. It has been so cold here. We have had wind chills in the 30's to 40's below zero and yesterday the air temp didn't even get to zero. Today we made it to 1 above zero! A warm up! LOL  I had to work yesterday and I was really about my older customers. I was so hoping that they didn't come out in this weather. We have a free delivery service but most of them still like to come into the store. I have to say though that it was not very busy at all so I am happy they didn't try to go out. I love my customers.
Today I went for a ride to warm up my car and when I was down by the river there were eagles everywhere. There were tons across the river in the trees, lots on the ice and lots flying and soaring. Then I drove a little further up the rode and saw these two beauties on my side of the road so I had to take a picture, aren't they beautiful?

Last night after work I decided I needed some Valentine decorations so for the first time ever I actually made something. Here are the hearts that I hand-stitched. I was going to do them with my sewing machine my SIL gave me but I couldn't figure out how to thread it. I guess they aren't too bad for my first try.
Remember a week from Friday I will start my Whole Lotta Love chain. Would love it if you want to join in on the fun. Here is a button.
Well have a great day everyone! Stay warm and remember You are loved!



Joyce Mayer said...

Hi Cindi,

My guess is that those two Eagles are a pair. They do mate for life and maybe their nest is close by. I believe they begin "repairing" the nest shortly. There is a webcam on the Decorah Eagles, I followed the nesting, hatching and raising the eaglets last year. It was wonderful. I have the address if you are interested.


Trace4J said...

Evening friend
Oh I love your hearts. They will go great with the ones from me.
They should arrive soon.
Stay warm my friend.
Love the eagles too.
Woolie hugs

Primitive Stars said...

Evening Cindi, what wonderful hearts you made, love them, look great........Beautiful pictures of the Eagles, so nice to see......So cold here to, tonight -38 with the windchill, brrrrrrr.....I am going to join in your Whole Lot Of Love Chain, will be fun, just want to ask Cindi how many days are you doing the chain?? just would like to know.....Keep Warm, Francine.

Christine said...

Hi Cindi - we're shivering here too but it's supposed to warm up a couple of degrees for the rest of the week.
Love your hearts - i like to hand stitch mine too!

Barb said...

Hi Cindi,
Now you have the cold! We are at balmy 12 degrees, which is a warm here but I am hearing we are going to warm up have snow then back to freezing...BOO!
Love your photo of the eagles and your hearts are precious!
Enjoy your day,

Raggedy Creations said...

Hi Cindi. It's very cold here in Pa too. The eagle pics are great and I LOVE the hearts. You did a wonderful job. Stay warm.


Beckyjean said...

Hi Cindi~

Great job on the hearts!!

Have a wonderful day~Becky

Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...

Oh what a beautiful pic of the eagles! And my, it is COLD there! I just thought it was cold here! lol!

Love the hearts too!


frontporchprims said...

Hi Cindi. Good job for stitching by hand!!!! My machine was being difficult and I was about to throw it out the window:{ So, I got out the hot glue and finished it with that. Desperate times call for desperate measures. The Eagles are pretty. Remind me to email you some of the pictures we have of them. Have a great night. -Steph-

Danice said...

Oh, the hearts are so pretty. You sure did do a great job on them. The eagle photos are awesome as well. I love nature photos. Advertising your Chain on my blog sidebar also :)

Karen said...

Your hearts look so nice! I really like them! You did a great job.

Rhodes Creations said...

Thanks for stopping in and joining in on the giveaway! Blessings, Laura R.

Heather Wise said...

Oh, dear friend, those hearts are precious! I love them!

And the eagles! Wow! I have only seen two in the wild in my life! Oh, how beautiful!

As for the cold... All I can say is, I am so sorry. I have never felt cold like that...

I pray for warmth dear friend. I hope when you get this, it is more than 1 above zero... Oh my!!!!!

Love and warm hugs,

Pendleton Primitives said...

I missed this post :( the hearts are darling! You did such a wonderful job making them!