Sunday, October 7, 2012

Catching up...

Hello my dear blogging friends! I can't believe it has been well over a week since I have posted. I have been busy and I also haven't felt the best so there you have my two excuses. I have been visiting your blogs though and I have been commenting also, at least trying. I have been getting pretty lax about responding to you wonderful people that leave comments on my posts so I want you to know I so appreciate it and will work to get better at that.
I am truly amazed with the great giveaway Brenda is hosting!
You girls are really so very talented. I can't believe all of the cute things that you all have made. I think it is so nice of all of you to share your talents and be so generous to contribute to the giveaway. If I don't get to say it to you all personally which I won't I want to take a second and just tell you all here and now...THANK YOU!! 
Last Friday it was a beautiful fall day and my sister and I took a little trip to Wisconsin to do some Prim and antique shopping. We left home at 8:30 in the morning and the first place we stopped was The Marketplace in Tomah WI. 

I took these pictures of the cute outside but I was too busy looking at all of the cute things inside to take any pictures. This shop is in a beautiful old 2 story house and it is filled to the brim with a lot of awesomeness. They are having their holiday open house on Nov. 9th-Nov.18th. If you are anywhere near there I suggest taking it is great! Here is the website The Market Place.

 We then went to Montello and had lunch at a cute and yummy sandwich shop. Kendra from Stone House Primitives has her stone house near there so I had asked her about some places to go and she helped me out. Thanks Kendra! Anyway here is my sister and I by the waterfalls in Montello, it was windy.

Here is the falls, they are so pretty and right in the middle of town..too cool.

We then went to Princeton I think that was the name and stopped at quite a few antique stores. The was fun and I got a couple of old cookie cutters and a oh so neat old crate. Here is the crate I got and also I got the cute light on top of it.

I also got a neat galvanized pail but it is outside with a mum plant in it so no pictures. My sister got a few things also. Then we went to Ripon and hit a prim store there that Kendra had told me about called A Simpler Time. Again it is in a beautiful stone building and filled with everything prim. Both my sister and I spent money there too. We were going to try to make it to Lodi and visit a shop called Cottage House Primitives but by the time we would have gotten there it would have been too late. Next time for sure though.

The colors were awesome so I took a couple of pictures, from the car while my sister was whizzing by! LOL

We got to LaCrosse WI and had supper and then decided to go to the party store because our SIL had called us during the trip to tell us that baby was going to be a boy. We were all kinda hoping for a girl but feel very blessed that we are having a baby after all this time and that he looks really healthy. So anyway we stopped and got some ideas and things for the baby shower we are having in December for her. That was a lot of fun. We got home that night at 8:30 so it was a long day but oh so much fun.

The next day my brother had his class reunion so the family came to stay at Grandpa and Grandma's. Here are Jon and Judy before they left. My brother is so excited, he is a first time daddy.

I also got a beuriful picture of the harvest moon that night right from my mom and dad's deck.
So there, I think I am all caught up. Thanks for staying through all of my rambles. Have a great week everyone and as always, Be blessed!


Angela said...

Sounds like you and your sister had a great trip. Would love to have lots of prim shops to visit around here. Love the picture of the waterfall and all the pretty fall colors. Congrats. on a new baby arriving in your family. Such a blessing. Take care and have a great week.

Simple Pleasures said...

Hi Cindi,
What a fun time you had. You are so lucky to have a nice family!

Primitive Stars said...

Hi Cindi, what a wonderful trip to share with your sister, way to much fun. Beautiful pictures, love that moon, great shot. Thanks for sharing, love to see pictures of the scenery, so pretty. Blessings Francine.

Karen said...

Hi Cindi,
Oh my gosh you hit all the shops I looooove...and have gone to as well.
Market Place in Tomah is awesome isn't it...oh and A Simpler die for.
Goodness I didn't know you lived in Wisconsin...I do too but in the southeastern part. Shopping in those shops is a 3 hour drive for us.
So glad you had a great time.
Congratulations to your brother/wife on expecting - how fun for everyone.


BumbleBeeLane said...

Sounds like a fun filled day.Your brother and sil are just glowing with happiness.I like girls too, frilly stuff like tea parties and dressing up but boys are fun too.Our leaves are supposed to be at their peak colors this weekend,one of my favorite parts of fall.The harvest moon you captured is beautiful.Warm Blessings!~Amy

Christine said...

Hi Cindi! What a GREAT day's fun and shopping! I'd love to join you!
The crate is fab and I loved seeing the pretty fall countryside.
Thanks and God bless

Shannon DeMasi said...

It sounds like you had a great trip with your sister! It's so nice to do things like that with someone else who enjoys them as well. And congrats with the baby! There's nothing like the excitement and joy of celebrating a new life! :)