Friday, August 31, 2012

So excited!

Well after two long months I finally get to share with the world that I am going to be an Auntie again! My brother is over 40, just got married for the first time a year ago December, became a dad to her two boys and now in March he will be a daddy again. It is all very exciting and we all feel so blessed. This is the video I made so they could tell the families.
Pregnancy Announcement Video

I am not sure if my blog is showing up in your blogs you follow list or not...I had this bright idea to change the name of my blog and add primitive to the title. I didn't even think it through that I might lose the followers so I changed it back but not sure if it shows up on your dashboards if I make a new post or not. i guess this will be the testing post.

I think that is all for tonight until I see if this works. Have a great weekend everyone!


Simple Pleasures said...

Hi Cindi,
Congratulations, that's awesome! Yes it shows up like normal. You can change your name it doesn't effect anything. It's when you change your blog address that it messes stuff up.
Have a great weekend.

Marta said...

About your blog now I can see it and I can visit it maybe there was a little problem two days ago...a blogger error message appeared but I think that you fixed it

Have a good we


jody said...

oh cindi! congrats on becoming an auntie again! and congrats to them! what a lovely special family and they will have sooo much fun with a new little one! i can tell those handsome boys will love being big brothers!! ive been kinda messing around with my blog too. i could spend hours tho... enjoy your minnesota day cindi!

Primitive Stars said...

Hello Auntie Cindi, oh that it so so great, congrats my friend. Love the video,thanks. Enjoy the long weekend,Francine.

Trace4J said...

Oh how exciting!!
Congrats to the beautiful Family!!
Loved the video.
Your back on my list..Probably just blogger being a bugger.

BumbleBeeLane said...

Oh congrats! Your SIL is so pretty.The way you all treat the boys I just assumed you were always their family.I bet you are excited.Babies are so fun.As Auntie you are reguired to blog showed up on my list.Warm Blessings!~Amy

Pendleton Primitives said...

Hi Cindi! I can see your blog but my IPad won't let me comment on most occasions. I don't know why. Congrats to your brother! Be welll my friend.