Sunday, November 14, 2010

Going to the Chapel of Love

Well it is really going to happen. My brother and fiance are going to get married on December 31st at 1pm. They were talking about going to Vegas, just them and the boys and I really want to be there so I wrote them an email and said I really don't want to butt in but how bout you get married at the Chapel of Love at the Mall of America? they still do everything so there isn't the stress of planning everything and it would be a lot cheaper than Vegas and also then the family could celebrate with them. Well being a man like my brother is he didn't even know there was a Chapel there so they called it and set it up. It will be a Christian ceremony and also one that will include the boys. After the ceremony we are all going out to eat and then we are all staying at a hotel together. It will be an awesome way to celebrate the New Year with new members of the family. Once they are married Jon can start the process of adopting the boys so that will be even more celebrating. I am just so happy that we can all celebrate together. I actually think Jon and Judy are excited too they just didn't look into it very well. Now my family is calling me the wedding planner! LOL

OK the cold weather is here so I am ready for some snow! We have all of the Christmas stuff out at the store, it is almost Thanksgiving and I am ready to get in the mood! There was a big snow storm just an hour away from us yesterday but we didn't even get a bring it on! 

That is about it for today. Come back tomorrow and check out my Simple Woman's Daybook. See you there!

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