Friday, December 20, 2013

My Giveaway Win

Hello everyone. Boy it sure has been a busy couple of weeks. I have been working, babysitting, going to doctor's appointments and I can't believe that Christmas is less than a week away.  I finally got all of my cards written out tonight and I will get them in the mail tomorrow. I have only gotten 3 cards, I guess it is a thing of the past.  Although when I have been checking my mailbox there hasn't been cards I did get my beautiful Santa from the giveaway Janice Prims by the Water had. When I read that I had won I was so excited that I actually got tears in my eyes, I felt so blessed. Here is my Santa, now you know why I felt so blessed! Thanks again Janice!
Enjoy your weekend everyone! Be blessed!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

A Little Christmas...

Hello everyone keeping warm. It sure has been cold here in Minnesota and tomorrow is suppose to be our coldest day yet with the temps struggling to get to zero and the wind chill at -25 to -30 degrees....wish I could stay home but I have to work.
We did get a few inches of snow so now it even looks like Christmas.
I have done a bit of Christmas decorating so I thought I would share some pictures

Well that is about it for now. Tomorrow we have Santa coming to my workplace for the kids so that will be fun and then Thursday I go to my nephews "winter" concert, he has a solo and is so excited.  Enjoy your days everyone! Be blessed.

Monday, December 2, 2013


Oh the excitement is in the is my favorite time of the year! I only wish we had some snow on the ground to really get me into the total Christmas spirit.
Before all of the Christmas things began I had a wonderful Thanksgiving. The whole family was together and it was a loud, fun time. When I got off work on Wednesday everyone was at my mom and dad's. We spent the night talking and laughing and of course Isaiah was the center of attention. On Thursday we had our meal at noon and did some more talking and visiting and all sat around and watched Isaiah entertain us. On Friday my sister, nephew and SIL went shopping early while I slept in a nice warm bed. I went out to mom and dad's and helped with Isaiah and then my other nephew and I went to my apartment and he helped me put up my tree and garland and the outside decorations. It was so nice to have a nice helper. We had a lot of fun too. I took him to Dairy Queen for a treat to thank him for helping me.

The rest if this weekend I have been slowly getting my decorations out. I was going to go and get some pine boughs today but I didn't get it done. I will have to go on Tuesday when I have a day off.

As this Holiday time draws near I can't help but think of the blogging friends that don't post anymore and I miss them so much! I sure hope they know that they are still loved!

Have a great week everyone I will be back with some decorating pictures soon. For now here is the star of our family!

 Isaiah having fun with cousin Michelle

 Isaiah drinking his first malt made by Grandpa.
 Oh how he loves to walk around....
Reading the ads with Grandpa and letting him know what he wants.

Have a great week everyone!