Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A Dream Come True...

What two posts in two days? I know it is shocking but I just had to share this. When I started blogging with all you Folkart and Prim folk I found the blog Buttermilk Hill. Jan is the folk artist that has this blog and I started following her by email right away because her artwork was AMAZING! I fell in love with all her things right away. In my heart I made a promise to myself that someday I would have something that she created. Well it has taken me 2 years but I finally have two pieces from Jan, they came in the mail today. I tried getting them sooner but we had a little trouble with the mighty mail system and then I had a little trouble with money but today my dream came true. Here is what I got... A snowman that will go on my wall right now and stay as long as I can leave him up...we got snow in May last year so you never know!

 Then when fall comes I got this beautiful Harvest painting...

And the most special thing is the snowman was signed by sweet!
The next thing I am going to save up for is to get one that just has blessings or welcome or simplify or something like that so I can have it out all year long. I better get my order in now as she sells them so fast!

Thank you Jan for making my dream come true and for sharing your beautiful talent!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Here again.

Hello all of my blogging friends. It was time to change the decor on my blog again so I thought I better  write out a post also. I fell bad that I haven't kept up with this blog but in all actuality my life is pretty boring and there really isn't a lot to share.  My month of February is really going to be a busy one.  The girl that usually babysits Isaiah on the days my mom and I don't is off for three weeks. I will be working and then babysitting the days I am off. I am not complaining but it gets to be a long drive 3 hour round trip.  The last two times I have had pretty rough trips home thanks to the weather also. Speaking...or I guess typing... of the weather it has been so cold here. We are just getting done with two days of no school because the morning windchill is between 45 and 50 below zero. Three weeks ago it was the same thing. We have had a number of days where we haven't even gotten to zero for highs and the 20's seem so far off.  Well actually we might get to 20 above tomorrow but then right back into single digit highs and below zero lows. I tell you ladies I am a lover of winter but this year it has just been too cold and I am ready for spring.
I am doing Amy's Valentine swap so I have been busy making cute (I hope) things to send out. I sure love doing these swaps. It gets me to craft...i always find other things to do besides craft except for others and I do enjoy it.
I am also helping plan a first birthday party for a very special boy on Feb 18th. What a year full of blessings it has been.
I know this is short but I will be back....sometime! LOL
Love to all of you, know that you are all in my heart and in my prayers. Thanks for stopping by!